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Organizational Behaviour Essay - 1091 Words

Organizational Behaviour Organizational Behaviour Organizations have been described as groups of people who work interdependently toward some purpose. This definition clearly indicates that organizations are not buildings or pieces of machinery. Organizations are, indeed, people who interact to accomplish shared objectives. The study of organizational behaviour (OB) and its affiliated subjects helps us understand what people think, feel and do in organizational settings. For managers and, realistically, all employees, this knowledge helps predict, understand and control organizational events. There are three determinants of behaviour in order to make an organization more effective: individual,†¦show more content†¦To be ethical requires treating others -- customers and employees -- properly and fairly. A company that is interested in growth and profits must establish relationships with customers and employees based on trust. Improvement of the employer-employee relationship is important to both p arties for several reasons. First, employee productivity increases when employers treat their employees with more respect. Second, employees may find that increased ethical behaviour on their part actually results in higher compensation. For example, many companies are involved in relationship marketing, which is the process of creating and maintaining long-term relationships with customers. Relationship marketing, which can help a company increase its profits, requires the cooperation of employees. Employees that perform their jobs conscientiously and diligently are frequently rewarded with higher wages. Third, even if there is no material gain, ethically appropriate behaviour provides a sense of self-satisfaction. Therefore, it is advantageous for every organization to maintain high ethical standards and thereby foster trust between a company and its employees. Virtually all studies of employee satisfaction show that influencing employee attitudes is more affectively done by local managers and supervisors than byShow MoreRelatedOrganizational Behavior And Organizational Behaviour1644 Words   |  7 PagesThe above drawn figure shows about organisational behaviour. It highlights the bonding among human behaviour in organizational settings, the individual - organization interface, the organization, the environment surrounding the organization. In an organization each and every individual brings its own experience, managerial and effective skills. Classical Organizational theory:- Popovich (2010) said that in this theory, the concentration mainly goes in how an organization can be structured inRead MoreOrganizational Behaviour1455 Words   |  6 PagesIf you were CEO what would you change and why - provide your recommendation with a Before and After Organizational chart. - If you are not working at this time - use a past employer. Ans 1. Table of Content * Introduction * Discussion * Complete assessment of the company I work for – M. Muhammad Shafi amp; Co. * What would I change as the CEO and why * Organizational Charts, Before and After. * Bibliography Introduction Change is very important for any organizationRead Moreorganizational behaviour1261 Words   |  6 Pages Organizational Behavior MG6013 The exploration of the theories, research and practices that allow a better understanding of human behavior in organizations. Topics include motivation and job satisfaction; decision making; group dynamics; work teams; leadership; communication; power, politics and conflict; organization culture, structure and design; impact of technology; management of work stress; organizational change andRead MoreOrganizational Behaviour Analysis28615 Words   |  115 Pagesconfusion, also goes under several different names, some of which you will encounter when reading texts on the subject. The two main areas are generally called Human Resource Management (HRM) and Organisational Behaviour (OB), but the field is also sometimes called Organisational Analysis (OA), Behaviour in Organisations (BinO), Organisation Studies (OS), and a host of other names, including the practitioner area called Organisational Development (OD). There are, in fact, subtle nuances and variations inRead MoreOrganizational Behaviour Issues1427 Words   |  6 PagesFinal Report- Organizational Behavior â€Å"Issues in Organizational Behaviour based on own experiences† Student No. Structure: 1. Introduction 2. Main Body and Recommendations 3. Conclusion 4. References What is Organizational Behaviour? Organizational Behaviour is nothing else than developing our understanding and development of people skills. A multidisciplinary field devoted to understanding individual and group behaviour, interpersonal process and organizational dynamics. DifferentRead MoreEssay about Organizational Behaviour1051 Words   |  5 Pagescom My essay will introduce the culture and organizational strategies of I focus on the evolution of, the organization culture with the Scheins three levels of culture, the truth of working on Amazon, why is amazon so successful on the basis of organizational strategies and how to improve in the original basis. Organizational culture could be the core of the company and exists from the start of Organizational culture is the shared values, beliefs, and normsRead MoreThe Development Of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour3154 Words   |  13 Pages2001). Out of this comes the development of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB). OCB represents â€Å"individual behaviour that is discretionary, not directly or explicitly recognised by the formal reward system, and in the aggregate promotes the efficient and effective functioning of the organization† (Organ 1988, p. 4). The study of OCB has become increasingly important as the prevalence, importance, and costs of counterproductive, or deviant, behaviour in the workplace have been increasingly recognisedRead MoreOrganizational Behaviour And Communication Issues Essay1452 Words   |  6 Pages1.0 INTRODUCTION In this case-study for Electra Products’, I will be addressing relevant, organisational behaviour and communication issues that must be addressed in order to â€Å"revive the failing company† (Samson, 2012). Specific recommendations will be offered to further assist in focusing on the key outlined issues and what actions would be most appropriate to take from this point. Throughout the report, it is clear the attitudes of staff are becoming unfavourable and has resulted in a lack ofRead MoreRoot Metaphors as an Aid to Understanding Organizational Behaviour3097 Words   |  13 PagesRobert Allen 11500024 Root metaphors as an aid to understanding organizational behaviour and their relevance to organizations in a knowledge based economy. Introduction The use of root metaphors to provide insight into organizations seems to be seen as a useful if limited way of understanding their complex natures (Morgan, 1997) (Andriesson, 2008), which may have been more suited to the industrial age. The rise of the Knowledge Based Economy (KBE) and post-industrial organizations pose furtherRead MoreOrganizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) Essay1796 Words   |  8 Pagesï » ¿What is organizational citizenship? Explain the links between the various types of organizational citizenship behaviors and job-related outcomes. In what ways does organizational citizenship affect organizational performance? Illustrate with examples where appropriate. Organizational Citizenship Organizational citizenship is an organizational success that consists of supports from the volunteers of individuals and behavior (Business Dictionary 2013). Organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB)

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