Friday, October 18, 2019

Scientific Misconduct Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Scientific Misconduct - Essay Example lds have laid down principles in common, to monitor the writing practice and avoid mislead and the element of to the scholar among other people using their writings. Peer review refers to the cross checking of one’s scientific writing by experts in the field of writing. This is done to prove the originality of the writer’s idea (whether it’s their own idea or a copy of other peoples work). It is also aimed at establishing the worthy of the material and the reality of the writer’s arguments. The peer review also checks on plagiarism. Peer review is different from endorsements or praise for a work or book In various scientific writings, the writer uses their own ideas. However, various r references and consultations are made from already documented works by other writers. Although they use their own ideas, this consultation is very important as far as scientific writing is concerned. The Witter has to make deep research, apart from their own idea, but based on research done by other writers and already documented. This gives the writer a guideline on the procedure to follow in order to avoid documentation of bias information. The aspect of a writer using already documented scientific writing comes in various ways. The writer may however decide to read the old document, and expand on the ideas and the information there in. This may be referred to as progressive scientific writing. On another perspective, the writer might decide to combine their ideas with the ones already documented to come up with a basically new concept. In very rare cases, writers have also gone contrary to already documented scientific writings, proving the already documented concept wrong and bias. This has been evident in the field of innovation, where already documented theories have been proved inaccurate and unrealistic. The use of already existing document to come up with a basically new document may come in through citations. It may also involve references and quotations.

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