Saturday, October 5, 2019

How telecommuting can negatively impact innovation at work Essay

How telecommuting can negatively impact innovation at work - Essay Example As Gajendran & Harrison (2007), points out, telecommuting minimizes feedback, coordination, and supervision. One of these alterations is how employees are supervised. For instance, telecommuting removes the employee from the viewing area of the supervisor and impedes the supervisor from being able to observe the performance of the employers directly. For another thing, the employee’s dependence on the supervisor is reduced, employees will have to work out more inventiveness and might have to make extra decisions on their own, because a supervisor will not be available to guide them stage by stage. This can bring effects to the organization whenever employees come up with bad decisions. Moreover, telecommuting reduces in-person contacts if your clienteles are adapted to high-level direct contact with the workers that handle their activities. Additionally, telecommuting reduces the workforce in the office, and this leads to stress in the non-commuting employees. Turetken et al. (2011), states that those workers that stay in the offices tend to feel left out of the advantages of telecommuting, such as flexible hours and feel bitter that their colleagues have the choice of working in a more relaxed place. Also, if there is no update on the communication systems of the organization to replicate a disseminated workforce, the non-telecommuting staff might experience an amplified workload and the weight of the client communication problem. Telecommuters might have a difficult time building and retaining relationships with their co-workers, which might interfere with the overall job satisfaction and productivity. Since relations often lead to confidence and operational collaboration, telecommuting can deteriorate the complete atmosphere. On the other hand, telecommuting can impair teamwork. Workers who usually work together phy sically will require ways to present and review work, specifically on a casual level. Therefore, there might be a depression in productivity

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