Monday, September 16, 2019

Young People Need to Spend Less Money and Save More

Young People Need To Spend Less Money And Save More Human beings have different thoughts about their life. Some of them believe in enjoying life without considering anything, but some others believe in saving money for their future. But it is better for young people like me to save their money instead of spending it carelessly. Because young people have lots of expenses in the future, like education, unpredictable emergencies, besides that the job market is not steady. So it is better for youngers to save more and spend less.One of the reasons that make youngers to save money and spend less is education expenses. Education is expensive so young people like me cannot totally depend on our parents to pay all the bills. We have tuition, books, maybe rent and other educational expenses to pay for. Even though our parents help us, but we have to pay part of it. So we should save some of our money for that. The other reason that saving money in youngers is better than spending it carelessl y is emergency situations.Emergencies could occur any moment. For example one of our family member may need help and we will have to give them money, or one of our parents might have an unexpected injury or serious illness and they could not go to work for some time so we must have some savings for that emergency moments in our life. Besides that there is other reason for younger people to save more and spend less and it is the oscillation of the job market. The job market is not steady, specially these days.Due to oscillation in the job market we cannot predict what will happen next. For example one of my friend lost her job due to recession. She did not get a job for about one year and a half, but she had savings so she was able to overcome that bad situation, like paying rent, grocery, car loan and other bills. Without an income it is difficult to pay for these. It shows that if she did not have the habit of saving money, then she could not have managed hat situation. In the conc lusion I must say that saving is a very good tendency for young people and it will never let a person down. You must plan a head. Youngers should know they will have expenses for their schooling, they also should know that they might be confront with an unexpected emergencies in life, besides that they know the oscillation of the job market so they must be prepared. They need to save money for these events.

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