Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Philosophy of Crime Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Philosophy of Crime - Essay Example It is committed because the scene has led to believe that the act is just and proper for the conclusion of a movement and silent event saturation in the irreversible process of mental, religious, and lawful check and balance. In the parameters of readers influence, thrillers and killer novels have a lot of drawbacks in the creation of ways and means and a network of scenes for fun and diversion. It is a reliable view to a kill for its sentiments and results were made through intensive imagination and research, what they are going to do is just to get on with the act and experience the fun and the rush. This paper will discuss first the factors that lead to the commission of the act to be able to understand more the reason for such environment and doer solidarity in a very abnormal state of philosophy and psychology. Approximations of rage. Rage so we say emotes intense anger experience through disappointments and failures that one loses grip of reality and norms of reasoning that results to uncontrollable expression through violent reactions. Rage is the perfect disguise for the commission of crime where a person relates the act to justified symmetry of evasively powerful reasoning. The variations of his adrenaline rush give him the feeling of great physical strength at accelerated brain processing information. Entering an intense state of focus in a dilated state to the source of their anger caused by a long term stress, a person can very well lose sight of what is proper and tend to move to act of what is justifiable at the moment of solitude and indecisiveness. This is the only emotion when a person can do almost everything to satiate grievances and hang ups that allow unplanned activity and unwisely impulsive behavior. Most of the crimes that happens were from the paraphernalia of adrenalin e rush and unplanned activity of rage level. Rage often lead people to impossible acts like its sole counterpart love where people do more than what is possible to omit loss and save lives or relationships. An ounce of love suppresses an ounce of rage as I may take it from the previous statement. So maybe a prevention of rage could be a medication of love where the unaccepted could be accepted and the unloved could be love. Environmental adaptation. Somehow our environment and high technology updates qualify the commission of crime to omission of incidental resources on selective war games software programming. Rather than finding ways to annihilate computer rage that destroys millions of children brain and school performance, software developers are just finding low cost economical means of taking out frustrations in computers. Psychologically determined damaging movies and thrillers must not be shown to children and the youth of today who are easily impress on a lot of things other than bargaining to obtain the rush of what was portrayed or hoping to do their own original act at their own original setting which resulted to actual mass murders in schools and at home. Unwise manifestations of parents and adult in their expressions of anger and personal squabbles witnessed by children may prove vital to the reenactment in their future lives as the inclination to rage was passed down. Environment and peo ple has a lot to do with the development of frustrations and rage. Crime is not perfect in

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