Sunday, August 11, 2019

Pollution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Pollution - Essay Example â€Å"Total six percent of maritime transport of the world is done through and on the coasts of Red Sea. Red Sea is connected to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Sudan, Israel, Yemen, and Djibouti. Not only is the maritime trade, tourism also one of the most significant factors†. (Nasser, 2003). Red sea is one amazing body of water with high salinity and wonderful marine life which attracts hundreds and thousands of people from around the world every year. It is stuck among some of the most important countries of the world, hence all the Tourism. Despite all the beauty and utility, the security and survival of the sea is a major concern. Red Sea’s coral reef, eco system, and marine life is in danger because of the oil spill, waste dump by all the surrounding countries, mighty natural evaporation and lack of input by any rivers, and last but not the least is absence of awareness among the government and responsible people about the issue. Red Sea is no longer a scene of pure nature and complete harmony. Unnecessary buildings in the form of hotels and restaurants in order to accommodate tourists, has also diminished the natural and awe and beauty of the place. The concerns of the area not restricted. There are numerous problems affecting Red Sea. One of which is unrestricted fishery. The adjoining countries have been unable in bringing about effective rules and regulations for fishery and the consequence is disappearance of world’s precious species and marine life. Apart from unhindered developments of tourist resorts and unrestricted fishery, Oil spill in the area is also a huge concern. Since the sea is a major connection connecting Europe with Asia, it has numerous ships in waters at bays all the time and this causes mighty pollution. One of the factors to be understood is that the Countries that surround the sea are oil rich countries. They export oil and their oil rigs are almost constantly present in the sea and they

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