Thursday, August 1, 2019

Becoming a Teacher The Ultimate Job for me

It may seem difficult for some to see just how teaching can become an ultimate job for myself, let alone anyone for that matter. It is easy to see why certain people have this kind of opinion of this profession. For one, depending on the career path and position, the salary is not very enticing in proportion to the work that is required. It is a thankless job at times and requires a lot of patience. Yet there are certain intangibles that make teaching the ultimate profession for me.The simple fact that as a teacher I will have the opportunity to get in touch with and shape the mind of today’s youth to allow them to see the wonderful opportunities for them in this world is worth more than any remuneration that the job can provide. The satisfaction from being able to help young children fulfill their dreams and realize their full potential is something that cannot be measured by dollars and cents. Process: I realize of course that these are all pipe dreams until I do something c oncrete about it and take positive steps towards achieving this goal.I may be a paraplegic but I still firmly believe that there is no limit to what a person can do if they set their heart and mind to it. As such, I have prepared this brief process paper to show just how I plan on fulfilling this dream of mine. A. Education The first step in becoming a teacher is getting the proper education. A bachelor’s degree is required to be a public school teacher. Currently I am enrolled at Northeast Community college. I expect to graduate in May 2008 with my A. A. S. This degree will allow me to enroll in a state college to continue my education.The second step is enrolling in a state college. I have decided to enroll in Athens State University. Ms. Virginia Harris is the Athens State liaison here at Northeast Community College and she has agreed to help me on this matter. I also need to set up an appointment with her for assistance with enrolling at Athens State. Once I am enrolled I will need to take the required classes in two years to fulfill my goal of being employed as a teacher by the year 2010. It will be important to schedule my time as I have already looked at the schedule at Athens. B.Researching Available Jobs The next step in my plan is to research the jobs that are available for professionals in my chosen profession, which is teaching. In line with this, I have already taken steps to research the available jobs that I can apply for. The internship position that I will take during the course of my degree completion will surely allow me to get in touch with a broader network of educators and I can take it from there. The immediate goal under this step is to find a job that is stable and will allow me ample opportunity to learn and to grow.I realize that accomplishing my teacher’s degree is only the first step and that the next step lies in gaining more experience in the profession. The best way for me to accomplish this is by working first as a teacher’s aide or assistant and eventually working my way up from elementary and secondary school positions into full time college teaching. C. Applying and Interviewing The last step lies in applying and interviewing for the positions that I had planned after the researching.Once I have identified the jobs that are suitable and preferably within my home area, the next step is to complete my resume and send out my employment application forms. I do understand that this may not be as fruitful as I would hope but I also know well enough never to give up. Once I have received favorable replies regarding the application forms, I can now proceed to the interview stage. In order to prepare myself for this step, I have planned to conduct mock interview sessions with friends and family. I believe that these will help me with my interviews and may perhaps lead to more favorable results. Conclusion:Not everyone may think that teaching is a glamorous job, and they may be right. The im portant thing, however, lies in knowing what good one can do in this world and taking the first step in achieving that. While I may be at a point that is still years away from achieving my goal, this process plan is a definite first step towards my goal. Though I may be challenged to a certain extent, this has never prevented me in the past from becoming the best that I can be. I hope that one day my efforts in wanting to become a teacher will also inspire those that I will teach and show them the value of hard work and perseverance.

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