Monday, August 26, 2019

An act of kindness that you did for someone Essay - 1

An act of kindness that you did for someone - Essay Example When I entered into high school, my parents insisted that I begin to learn how to work in order to earn extra income for things that were not covered by my allowance. It was important to them that i learn the value of money and how to spend it wisely. Since I wanted to buy myself a tablet, I decided that I would take up my parents offer and help out at our family store after school and on weekends. I was really looking forward to buying my tablet sooner rather than later. But apparently the universe had other plans for me. I had to do something for others before I could get what I wanted. Tina, our house help, approached my parents and I over breakfast one day and told us that her son was in need of medical care. She had been taking him to the free clinic in town and she was told that he a cancerous tumor on the bridge of his nose and that he needed an immediate operation that was going to cost her $570. Somehow there was something about the diagnosis that did not sit well with me. It seemed not thorough and lacking in analysis. My parents also agreed that the boy should be brought to another doctor for a second opinion. But Tina did not have the money to go to a paid doctor. I had already saved up a little money from the token salary my parents were giving me for helping in the business, a total of $100. Obviously I was inching my way closer to my dream of a tablet. But I felt that Tinas son needed the medical help more than I required the tablet. So I offered my savings to her. I told her to take it and, along with the donations of my parents, take the boy to a specialist for a second opinion. It turned out that the boy was misdiagnosed. The second opinion revealed that he did not have a cyst or tumor at the bridge of his nose. A simple x-ray, according to Tina, showed that the boy had a protruding forehead bone. From the outside, it did look and feel like a cyst because it had a cavity between the forehead and the boys nose, muscle

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