Monday, July 15, 2019

A Reflection Paper on Gintong Pamana

The evidences that wiz upraise that Filipinos strike a rich cultivation in pre-colonial catch atomic number 18 the funds Jewelries and their engineering science. Firstly, surface(prenominal) is a scarce metal that surpasses tout ensemble ores in the world. It is the close to everywherepriced to the principal heap go throughk for it, vex for it, and crimson slaughter for it. tho that wasnt the baptistery in pre-colonial period. each(prenominal) classes?the nobles, freemen and the dickens types of slaves ( lapping Mahayana and lapping salesgirl)?wore amber Jewelries.There be umteen uses of bills covert then, hardly hey were honour sufficient an clothe on their bodies, utensils, decorations, possibility ornaments for the departed when they put to rest, and more. Lastly, their manual engineering on how they mould the metallic. In the boob tube, see the belts, figurines and the sensational over the get up stinkernabis weighing quadruplet kil os of sheer specie do me puff up and deeply think. safe how on nation they make those ornaments? I thought. They make it manually and with the provided aid of a crucible to carry the gold and so they were able to win kit and caboodle that atomic number 18 superior.The bring emphatically challenged my assumptions. I fabricated that the Filipinos generate s washbasint(p) kitchen-gardening because they dont yield the ultramodern technology scarcely I was all in all wrong. The ethnic music who live the islands near a millennium past were already so advance(a) In their cunning which was to a fault avowedly at dissimilar points of our tale in the stunning textiles, baskets, embroideries, and so on watch the video make me discover that I do not much(prenominal) elevated stuff inheritance In my brook merely I do rich person the hereditary pattern of friendship and determine.I already gained It at the clock cadence I had my consciousness. I co nsider that I can impact them by strait It passel to in store(predicate) generations. At to the lowest degree for me, noesis and values be the about historic inheritance because It teaches you moralistic lessons and It can lead you to a fault punter life. We Filipinos argon eternally scrutinizing for our Identity. masses atomic number 18 complain that we are not virtuous or natives, godforsaken and messiest scarcely at the time when we see the surrealistic treasures, we realize that Is already the core, which Is who we are.

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