Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Forgiveness concept Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Forgiveness concept - Essay ExampleAccording to them perfection brought every being to life by breathing into them like people do when administering CPR when trying to resuscitate someone. Religion supports their argument by quoting the Holy books such as the quaran and the bible. Religion is seen to expound on the concept of mercy by quoting the Holy books such as the quaran and the bible. Looking at the bible as a reference point, the first book of Genesis outlines how God created Adam and eve and gave them a place to inhabit and also gave them the responsibility to take care of his creation. All God wanted was to have a good relationship with man. nonetheless God gave Adam and Eve a condition which was that they were not to eat a fruit from one specific tree. Despite this Adam and Eve betrayed God and went ahead and ate the fruit. This angered God and he burnished them from the garden of the Eden. However grave their sin was God forgave then and continued to bless them and co ntain over them. All religions have an aspect of forgiveness in them.Aside from religion, human beings from time immemorial have been seen to also apply this concept of forgiveness whereby in the early ages indigenous communities after wars or misunderstandings decided to forgive each separate and resolve conflict by forgiving each other and living an harmony. These communities just saw no need to have grudges against each other. I believe consequently that this concept is bore within us whereby these communities had no religion or reference point but they saw the need to forgive each other. Forgiveness goes hand in hand with peace and therefore these communities lived in peace with each other.Looking at the concept of forgiveness it is letting go of the bad things or harm another individual has affiliated against them. According to the Christians forgiveness is not directly proportional to the amount of harm one has caused against you. In that Christians

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