Monday, June 17, 2019

Critical Communication Event in the Press Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Critical Communication Event in the Press - Essay ExampleIt did non challenge the authorities or acted salutary like a watchdog. It fulfilled its purpose of bringing the news to the public and letting people know close to the issue which spread more ken about the customer of size policy of the Southwest Airlines. This also points to the freedom of press. The incident was covered by many reporters, and many journalists happened to interview Emery Orto to take his views about the event. Reporters also gave their judgments in their online articles about Ortos irrational behavior and his communication with the authorities which was not based on sound arguments. They stated in their articles that it was not Ortos size that kept him from flying instead, it was his rude behavior that made the authorities angry enough not to let him board the plane. When press enjoys freedom, indeed everybody has the right to give his views and opinions, just like what happened in this event.Kathryn. (2 009). Southwest says Emery Ortos behavior, not his size, got him booted from flight. The Kathryn Report. Retrieved October 15, 2011, from http//, S. (2009). Was southwest passenger too fat to fly? first rudiment News. Retrieved October 15, 2011, from

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