Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Controversy Over Music Censorship Essay -- Media

The Controversy Over Music CensorshipCensorship in music is a very controversial subject in todays society. What is considered a form of artistic expression to some is also considered vulgar and inappropriate to others. But who ultimately gets to decide what is considered vulgar and what is non? Who decides who hears what in the music industry? The RIAA is responsible for applying the Parental Advisory stamp on every album that is released in the United States. The FCC is responsible for making legitimate that no vulgarities or controversial comments are aired on radio or television. But why is some mental object edited and other content not? I will try and explain these questions in our article.What decides whether or not the Parental Advisory stickers get placed on an album? The RIAA follows heptad guidelines in applying this important notice.1) Contemporary cultural morals can not be offended or mocked in any way, shape or form.2) The circumstance of words can not b e used offensively. This includes curse words.3) The context of the song itself must not be offen...

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