Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Project Management - Essay precedentCarlys ability to become an effective group leader is definitely in question since according to the separate team members she is the veridical reason for the divergence and not Morris as she claimed. I feel she was using Morris as an excuse to divert responsibility for not completing project tasks in a timely manner. As an individual Carly must work on improving her management and communications skills as well as improve her emotional intelligence since this situation was completely avoidable. I work out her mistakes and dysfunctional emotional conflict with Morris might have been the main contributing factor for the project delays and lack of group cohesiveness. 2) I look Carly was being blinded by her own emotions and insecurities. From what the new(prenominal) team members menti unitaryd they felt that she was treating Morris unfairly as compared to other team members. Since the other team members felt Morris was not causing any problems in that location was no real reason or excuse for her to confront. The reality was that Carly was the root of the conflict and not vice versa (Umsl). I think that Carly would proceeds from having a one to one conversation with Morris in order to vent out her concerns and fears. As an individual Carly needs to figure out ship canal to better communicate her emotions without f entirelying into destructive patterns or behaviors that only create unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings. Morris would probably be shocked, but not necessarily surprised by some the fabrications or negative ideas that Carly probably harbors about him. He would probably be more undetermined to keeping the lines of communication open between team members in order to resolve underlying conflicts that forget continue to affect team performance if the underlying causes for the conflict are not addressed. 3) Overall there is a definite lack of group cohesiveness between all team members not save Carly and Morris. The lack of open lines of communication between team members is an overall symptom of the underlying tensions and climate of hunch that Carly as a team project leader has created. Since the team members were aware of Carlys unfair treatment towards one of the team members, their responsibility as a group was to address the problem directly and not let an individual team members actions negatively affect the overall group performance. As a functional team all members are responsible for team performance, they as a functional group should have discussed ways to address the issue and resolve the underlying dysfunctional conflicts for the benefit of the whole. I think that the group would benefit from participating in a one day conflict management and effective communication seminar in order to empower, educate, and provide all team members with the knowledge and a set of tools to better deal with all types of functional and dysfunctional conflicts that are commonly encountered in group settings. During the seminar the expert speaker and psychologist could have a short 15 minute individual session with all team

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