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Source Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Source Evaluation - Essay useThis research paper will evaluate the 2005 outlet of Environmental and Resource Economics to establish if it is a credible source for use in this paper. Authors Credentials Dr. Ida Ferrara is a PHD holder from York University. She is currently an associate prof and an undergraduate director in the department of political economy, faculty of liberal arts and professional studies at York University. Ferrara is a credible and known writer who has done many publications on waste management and environment exclusively and with other writers. Ferrara has vast knowledge in diverse research areas including applied microeconomics, public economics, natural option economics, environmental economics, and industrial economics. She has won many accolades on her research work and special merit on her work. This information about Ferrara makes her a credible writer. Dr. Paul Missios who worked with Ferrara in this publication is a PHD holder from York University. Hi s learn fields include environmental economics, engineering economics, and microeconomics. Dr Paul has research interests in environmental economics, natural imaginativeness economics, public economics, and international trade. ... The data used in this research was collected from households in communities across Ontario, which is inwardly the states that cover my research. The research sought to establish a relationship between several commonly recycled materials and single household characteristics, cycle programme attributes, and garbage collection financing methods. My research paper focuses on recycle and if it should be made needful for every household. The fact that this source focuses on the significant effects of mandatory recycling for almost all types of provisions, links it to my research paper. Sufficient Coverage This publication covers fully well on the topic of study. The sample collected on a few households in Ontario, Canada can reserve an overview of the s ituation in other states of USA. Data collected reveals a significant rise in recycling on introduction of user fees on garbage collection, which gives an insight on what need done to go on household recycling (Ferrara and Missios 221) Reputable Publisher or Respected Periodical Environmental and resource economics is a peer reviewed journal published monthly in three volumes per year. This paper is a publication of European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) started in 1991. EAERE encourage and improve communication between teachers, researchers, and schoolman institutions on environmental and resource economics issues. It has over 1000 membership in over 60 countries in European and beyond. EAERE awards for outstanding publication in the journal environmental and resource economics. EAERE is a time-honoured publisher of a respected journal of environmental and resource economics. Publication Date The journals publication date is in the year 2005. My re search

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