Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Research Anaylsis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Research Anaylsis - Essay ExampleThe No Child Left pot Policy in the United States viewed the teachers as dutiful mechanism to foster that so called proven literacy culture programs and methods. This follows the Do as I do, not as I say rule. This method implies that students are much likely to perform well and engaged themselves in any activities especially in reading and musical composition when they learn from teachers who manifest the same traits. Therefore, the competency of teachers being active readers and writers influence the deed of the students. It brings life to the classroom and affects the students interest and enthusiasm to participate in reading and writing and be effective readers and writers themselves.On the opposite word these studies can just be a generalization of the whole scenario. The focus of this analysis is the individual carry out and approach of an effective teacher. Individual teacher has different attitude, beliefs and practices. Therefore, the teachers individual capacity will affect their performance in sustaining and delivering effective literacy instruction and learning opportunities to students. This is an individual role for them as educators. As a erect to this, Susi (1984) found that teachers assumed different positive writer roles and identities as a result of their participation in writers workshops. They experienced the struggles and joys of composing and revising, which, in turn, not only taught them to be more empathetic to the experiences of their students, hut also humanized them to their students.Therefore, the extent of what the teachers would facilitate to their students could be determined by their own experiences. It is absolutely hard to teach something when in fact, a person does not have enough knowledge regarding that subject matter. This is further supported by the report of some other researchers stating that more diverse teacher self-concepts as writers from

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