Thursday, April 18, 2019

OPERATION MANAGEMENT (specialize in comparative operation management Essay

OPERATION MANAGEMENT (specialize in comparative mathematical process management - Essay ExampleThe nature of offerings of KFC is different from McDonalds in the sense that majority of KFCs ingredients include obscure fried wholesome chicken pieces and fries. Immediately behind the counter, there is a temporary storage of limit to serve chicken pieces, in temperature controlled glass environment. This serves the purpose of Work in Progress Inventory.Step 2 the first person in the production line reads order and passes the raw, materials to the next level. For example if it is chicken pieces, hence he passes the full pieces, if its hot shots he passes the right amount to the net level.It can be seen that the trading operations of KFC are almost similar to the operations of Mc Donalds. As mentioned earlier, the primary difference between KF and Mc Donalds offering is that all KFC offerings contain chicken. As per quality policy the chicken has to be fresh. Due to this the design o f Temporary Storage (behind counter)is very crucial for KFC. It has to satisfy the following requirementsMc Donalds has and advantage on KFC in the sense that it does not require too much movement of workers as the sandwich is processed on a line of processing.

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