Monday, April 22, 2019

Feasibility Experimental Research and Bias pertaining to a Hypothesis Essay

Feasibility observational Research and Bias pertaining to a Hypothesis - Essay ExampleIt has been suggested that the use of human growth endocrine therapy (HGHT) helps among other things to reduce body fat, give higher energy levels, invoke the strength of bones and enhance sexual performance among the old universe among other benefits (Artwelle, 2008, 67).Today, the use human growth hormone in crossing adults has been approved in some(prenominal) countries and the obtained results have been shown it to be popularly effective. The effectiveness of human growth hormone therapy in treating age associate illnesses has however been questioned by many including researchers and practical patients. This sets the basis for the first venture that the paper aims to prove that human growth hormone therapy is not as effective as many clinical experiments have indicated. Further, it can be argued that many people are loath(p) to use the therapy to treat their age related illnesses and th us the minute of arc hypothesis that as age increases, many patients are reluctant to use HGHT to solve their health problems.To test the first hypothesis, experimental study design go out be apply to test the variables with the dependent variable here been the type of age related illness and the autonomous variable been the effectiveness of HGHT in treating the particular illness. ... Simple random criteria will be used in selecting the participants from a population of two hundred patients. For one to be considered as a potential participants, he or she must be above the specified age limit, be suffering from a presumptuousness age related illness and be willing to participate in the study. Here, the type of age related illness will not be a major determining factor though the patients must be suffering from diseases that are claimed to be potentially healed through HGHM. The methodology to be used in testing this hypothesis will incorporate statistical tests and in particul ar the Z-test in which deterrent example statistical calculations will be carried out based on the results obtained. In this case, significance level of 0. 05 will be assumed and where the z-score assumes a negative value, the hypothesis will be discarded as zippo or void (Rand, 2005, 231). Testing the first hypothesis is however susceptible to participants bias as participants may give false or contradicting results. For example, where the health problem is decreased sexual activity, an old person may lie about his sexual participation due to shyness or other factors. To avoid or mitigate this bias, only individuals with testable illnesses will be selected to participate and the success or failure of the therapy will be recorded at minimal time intervals preferably after every fifteen days.To test the second hypothesis, observation study design will be used in which case interaction with the selected population will be relied in giving concrete results. In this case, research as sistance will be contracted to interact with the chosen participants drawn from a population of age bracket of between 35 and 79 years.

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