Thursday, April 25, 2019

Computer crimes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Computer crimes - Essay ExampleThey also include access and use of softw ar without developers rights meaning that the original software developer is denied the rights by counterfeit software. The criminal activities are a breach to the humans and reading privacy (Casey, 2011).Hacking is one of the most witnessed computer crimes. It involves illegal access of a computer system. However, not all hackers sens cause serious damage to computer system. The criminal breaks all the initial security measures measures installed by the computer owner in order to commit an illegal position (Casey, 2011).Another event is the phishing crime. It is known as acquiring sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and other crucial information such as credit card information. The criminal disguises as a trustworthy source in order to acquire these credentials (Casey, 2011).Computer viruses are also another set of criminal activities. They are programmed to interfere with the normal working of the computer. They airing to other computers through networks and files send to those computers. Mostly viruses are spread through internet use.The best prevention for cyber crime is by installation of restrictions. Restrictions can be some(prenominal) physical and by using software walls such as anti-virus programs. Securing the computer with valid and strong passwords can also be a good method to guard it (Casey,

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