Sunday, April 7, 2019

Censoring Student Publications Persuasive Essay Essay Example for Free

Censoring Student Publications convincing Essay EssayImagine that you are a full(prenominal) school assimilator and have and received the newest edition of your schools newspaper. As you are flipping through the pages, you discover a wonderful article written about you. How would you feel? Recently, there has been much debate on whether high schools should be able to regulate the content of school-age child publications, such as newspapers and magazines. Censoring savant publications would be expert because they may contain conflicting things. Also, it would be favorable because the material in student publications may be offensive to its readers and the text may bepoorly written. Because of this, high school officials should have the right to control the content of student publications.First of all, student publications should be baned because they may be filled with inappropriate content. Some high school students are non mature enough to determine whether certain subjects and language are usable. Without ban student publications, students may publish something with an inappropriate subject. Since it is used throughout todays entertainment, they may too use vulgar language. It is not appropriate for school, so high school officials should be able to censor student publications in case it is used.As a result of inappropriate subjects and vulgar language, the content of student publications may be offensive to its readers. If a student publisher does not like a young buck student, he or she may publish an article about that student. Of course, it entrust be something terribly offensive. Since student newspapers are given to the entire student body, practically everyone will see it. This will lead to a higher chance of bullying. Bullying is already widespread, so it does not need to be increased by angry, careless teenagers.Lastly, most high school students are not good enough keep openrs to publish a newspaper or magazine. Students article s will not always be grammatically correct and presentable. Their research will be insufficient because they do not do enough research about most topics and write mostly off the top of his or her head. The articles will also be bursting with bias. Most students are not able to write an article without including bias because they are not mature writers at his or her age. Because of this, student publicationsshould be censored.In conclusion, high school officials across the nation should have the right to control what goes into his or her schools newspaper or magazines. Because of immaturity and carelessness, students may publish an article about an inappropriate subject and include crude language. Content of student publications may be offensive and increase the take a chance of bullying. Also, the newspapers and magazines may be poorly written due to the lack of writing maturity. It is essential to students wellbeing that a law be passed that allows high schools to control their st udent publications for every school in the United States not just Hazelwood School.

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