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Problems in the health care delivery system Essay

Problems in the health assist delivery system - Essay ExampleThis paper analyses the problems in healthcare delivery systems for mentally ill patients.More than 20 million people in the unify States live in areas that have a shortage of physicians to meet their basic health care needs. This drop of access to quality health care for many people, particularly those living in rural and urban underserved communities, is a serious health care problem (AMSA Foundation) Population increase and lack of health care staff are some of the major reasons for the health care problems in America. Medical expenses are change magnitude everyday and the government policies in health care insurances are not adequate to meet the demands of the patients. moral health care is one of the critical sectors in healthcare industry and it is perhaps one of the cudgel affected one as far as problems and exploitations are concerned. One-quarter of all Americans met the criteria for having a mental indisposi tion within the past year, and fully a quarter of those had a serious disorder that significantly stop their ability to function day to day, according to the largest and most detailed survey of the nations mental health, published yesterday (Weiss)Talk therapy is one of the modern and effective treatments for the mentally disordered patients. It does not require any medicinal drug and the therapists use different techniques to know the problems of the patient and to suggest solutions for that. Cognitive therapy (which helps to remove harmful ways of thinking), behavioural therapy (which helps to change the harmful ways of acting), and interpersonal therapy (which helps to learn to relate better with others) are the major areas of run out therapy. (An Overview of Talk Therapy)The major problem in mental health sector is the cost factor. Most of the general mental patients may not approach the talk therapists. The problem with talk therapy was not the effectiveness, but the cost.

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Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Project - Research Paper ExampleThese feelings, thoughts and actions be influenced by all the elements existing in the environment (Solomon, Bamossy, Askegaard, and Hogg, 2010). Consumer behavior is changing with the passage of time as feelings, actions and thinking of individuals, and consumer groups are changing continuously (Hawkins, &Mothersbaugh, 2009).Since the advancement in entropy technologies, a consumers everyday life and activities book changed a lot. Today, consumers from around the world are aware of information technologies and the majority of them lead these information technologies (Blackwell, Miniard, and Engel, 2006). The behavior of consumers has changed due to the advancement in information technologies (Evans, Jamal, and Foxall, 2009). The process of adopting information technologies is fairly impression but once it is adapted, there consumers become highly used to technology and its usage. Statistics reveal that since 2004, the use of the net has been do ubled each year. At the beginning of 2008, it was estimated that almost half of the worlds population have been engaged in using the internet (Weber, 2008). There are numerous theories that explain what affects the adoption of information technologies and behavior of consumers. For instance, the most vital elements are the followingThe purchasing attitude of a consumer could be influenced by various factors fluctuating from social, economical and psychological to cultural. Though, it cannot be claimed clearly that whether information and communication technology do affect the behavior of a consumer and if it has an influence then to what extent. A study has been conducted to identify this phenomenon where one deoxycytidine monophosphate respondents were chosen, and the study has revealed that out of these hundred respondents 30 were the producers and 30 were consumers. The results concluded that the buying behavior of the consumers

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Disadvantages of Social Networking at the Workplace Research Paper

Disadvantages of Social Networking at the employment - Research Paper ExampleIn places of work, this fecal matter cause many problems in relation to careworn resources, lack of concentration, lost productivity, unhealthy employee relationships as well as tarnishing of the image of a company. Disadvantages of Social Networking at the Workplace The first major disadvantage of tender networking in the workplace is that it leads to reduced Employee Productivity. Considerable explore has revealed that due to the demands of complaisant media and the excitement accrued by social networking, most employees forget spend much time on the social media sites preferably than do productive work. Most of the time, employees entangled with social networking allow not often concentrate on their work. They will concentrate more on the social networking. This is because they read to make new friends, share some experiences or reply to some messages. In the long run, the tincture of work del ivered by such(prenominal) employees becomes very poor thereby reducing the productivity of the entire company. This arse cause the company to undergo enormous losses. In addition to spending less time in productive work, such the presence of social networking may cause the employees to loose concentration in their work. In some cases, the employees have internet connection in their offices. This causes some of them to get in to the social networking sites piece they work. ... For instance, an employee might decline out of office responsibilities where he cannot access the internet. The other disadvantage of social networking in places of work involves generation of unhealthy employee relations. In most cases, the employees will interact more in the social media than they do in the open. In this case, some employees within a company might hurt others in the same company. For example if a particular employee feels that another employee has taken up his or her position in the compan y, he or she may want to sent hurtful messages to the other employee through social networking sites. In some instances, such hurtful and abusive messages may be addressing the affected employee indirectly. In other occasions, a junior employee may send bad messages though the social networking sites concerning his boss. This can hurt the boss in a great way. Unhealthy employee relations may also accrue from issues related to promotion and esteemed positions in a company. For example, one employee might feel that his fellow employee receives favors from the management including undeserved promotion. The other employee can pass messages to all other employees of the company through the social networking sites concerning the issue. In most cases, the messages passed through these social networking sites are often rumors and therefore can tarnish the names of people. It might be impossible for such a person to tarnish the name of his fellow employee by word of mouth. Most people will view the social networking sites as good avenues to pass rumors concerning people that they hate or dislike. This means that rather than social networking strengthening employee relationships in the workplace, it actually destroys these

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Pathophysiology of diverticulitis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Pathophysiology of diverticulitis - Essay ExampleThe exact pathogenesis of diverticulitis is yet unbeknown(predicate) (Hobson and Roberts, 2004). An insight into the structural changes in the diverticular disease has been found through studies on various postmortem and running(a) speci custodys (Sheth et al, 2008). Initially, gastroenterologists proposed that a fecolith obstructing an abscessed diverticulum led to diverticulitis. However, in 1976, Sethbhakdi reported that studies on resected sigmoid diverticulitis specimens failed to support fecolith based pathogenesis theory. Infact, jibe to the author, these studies found perforation of the fundus of the diverticulum associated with pericolic or peridiverticular inflammmation in the resected specimens (Sethbhakdi, 1976). Also, 30 percent of the specimens showed no features of inflammation, but showed thickening of the intestinal protect (Sethbhakdi, 1976). The thickened and contracted colon part is known as mychosis. Mychosis w as initially thought to be repayable to sizeable hypertrophy. But now, it is understood to be due to elastin deposition and shortening of the bowel. Elastin deposition is thought to be due to increased uptake of a specific substance called proline from the Western diets (Sheth et al, 2008). ... Smaller perforations get cover by the pericolic fat. However, larger perforations can lead to other complications like abscess formation, rupture of intestine, fistula formation and peritoneal inflammation (Crowe et al, 2011). Fistulas can occur with other adjacent organs or with skin. The most common fistulas in men argon colorectal fistulas. Fistulas are uncommon in women (Crowe et al, 2011). In population from the Western countries, the diverticula, especially in the colonic regions are pseudo diverticula because, the diverticula involve only the mucosal layer and submucosal layer and not the muscular and serosal layers (Sheth et al, 2008). There is whopping evidence that such pseudodive rticuli occur because of diets that are low in fibre. Among Asian population, the diverticuli are true diverticula (Sheth et al, 2008). They involve all the layers of the intestine and they are mainly seen in the proximal colonic region, foreign pseudo diverticuli which are seen in the distal colon, mainly the sigmoid colon (Sheth et al, 2008). Decreased dietary fiber leads to low- tidy sum stools which alter the motility of colon, causing increased luminal pressures. Such high pressures occur when the sigmoid colon undergoes a process called segmentation during swimming muscle contraction. Segmentation leads to distinct compartments of the sigmoid colon. When the stool volume is low, segmentation is exaggerated and the elevated intrasegmental pressures are transmitted across the colonic wall leading to the emergence of diverticula (Sheth et al, 2008). Typically diverticuli occur at weak points in the intestinal wall like points where vasa recti penetrate the smooth muscle of th e intestine (Sheth et al,

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MIS case Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

MIS case - research Paper ExampleIt can produce a working schedule for every store in a matter of hours. The employees at Wal-Mart are facing an ethical dilemma by the Kronos system. The new scheduling is favored by Wal-Mart as it increases the profit margin and reduces the cost but on the other transfer it is unfavorable to the employees. As scheduling for employees requires personal judgment and takes in to consideration the needs of the employees, the new software program is unable to do so. The ethical dilemma that Wal-Mart collapse face after the complete installation of Kronos get out be beyond control. This system urges the management to hire fewer numbers of employees as needed harmonise to the number of customers at the store.This conflicting condition where employees entrust be asked to visit at different hours will result in an ethical dilemma as the new system will decrease the task stability of the employees. The minimum wage staff will be highly affected and ma y leave the company and the reputation of Wal-Mart will be badly influenced. As the employees need to fill a machinate for informing the hours they can be available at so that a computerized scheduling system will make a cant schedule accordingly. The ethical issue of misinforming the employee may arise if the employees fill ill-timed information in the form to have a shift schedule with longer hours. The high give associated feel that the new computerized system makes them quit their job as they are unable to meet the shift requirements asked by the company which comprises of some hours in day time and late hours. If these associates quit, they will be replaced by inexperienced lower staff as this may result in poor customer process (Walmart, 2013).The ethical principle that applies in this situation is Do unto others as you may have them do unto you. afterwards the computerized scheduling system, we see that the employees of Wal-Mart are dissatisfied and some are relying on opportunities where they can depend on false

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Computer crimes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Computer crimes - Essay ExampleThey also include access and use of softw ar without developers rights meaning that the original software developer is denied the rights by counterfeit software. The criminal activities are a breach to the humans and reading privacy (Casey, 2011).Hacking is one of the most witnessed computer crimes. It involves illegal access of a computer system. However, not all hackers sens cause serious damage to computer system. The criminal breaks all the initial security measures measures installed by the computer owner in order to commit an illegal position (Casey, 2011).Another event is the phishing crime. It is known as acquiring sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and other crucial information such as credit card information. The criminal disguises as a trustworthy source in order to acquire these credentials (Casey, 2011).Computer viruses are also another set of criminal activities. They are programmed to interfere with the normal working of the computer. They airing to other computers through networks and files send to those computers. Mostly viruses are spread through internet use.The best prevention for cyber crime is by installation of restrictions. Restrictions can be some(prenominal) physical and by using software walls such as anti-virus programs. Securing the computer with valid and strong passwords can also be a good method to guard it (Casey,

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The Case of Raleigh Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

The casing of capital of North Carolina - Essay ExampleThe company evidently as its humble beginning started from nothing to something. However, capital of North Carolina was able to survive tough times due to its implementation of competitive strategies. It was able to survive the prominent Depression due to its introduction of value-for-money products. Not only that, even if in between 1950 and 1962, Raleigh was in time able to consider a competitive strategy which involved focusing on bicycle sales. tension is a generic strategy which was then applied to Raleigh. This strategy particularly includes concentrating on a sure segment of product furrow that at some point would benefit the entire organisation in reaching its competitive advantage in the international market (Porter, 1998). By then, Raleigh started to acquire new(prenominal) rival groups in order to dominate in the market and then it started to fatten overseas where there were potential for its product offerings . Not only that, Raleigh was better at ensuring promotion of its product line by sponsoring road racing team in Europe. Raleigh survived as it continuously obtained subsidiaries which in 2005 came to be around six in any, which include Derby Cycle Werke, Raleigh America, Raleigh Canada, Raleigh Taiwan, Raleigh UK Limited, and Raleigh International. This simply shows how selling at Raleigh has become more complex as it continues to expand in the international market. 1.1 Q11.1.1 Marketing issue... 1.1 Q1 1.1.1 Marketing issue Marketing today is about creating a take or demand for certain product or service offerings and various unfluctuatings are actually good at doing this for this is an essential step in order for a certain business to survive (Boone and Kurtz, 2006 Kotler et al., 1999). Although the fundamental idea of marketing is about meeting the needs of the customers, firms actually have significant influence in order to create a need for their service or product offeri ngs. Raleigh was good at doing this stuff. In fact, its ability to create a significant sale amidst tough economic times scarcely proved that it was essentially good at creating a need for its product offerings. 1.1.2 Keegans approaches to the study of kitchen-gardening However, modern marketing tries to integrate the idea of understanding the entire market and its prevailing language, religion, values and attitudes, courtesy and customs, aesthetics, technology, education, and social institutions which are dynamic variables that are integral components of finale (Czinkota and Ronkainen, 2007). Keegan (1989) had different approaches in the study of culture and these include anthropological approach, Maslows approach, the Self-Reference Criterion, diffusion theory, high and low context cultures and perception. In the case of Raleigh, all of these can possibly be applied, but on a general or universal context, it is such(prenominal) applicable to use the Maslows approach which is entirely about understanding the hierarchy of needs. Modern marketing after all, is about understanding the needs of the customers and even trying to create them on the part of the firm (Kotler et al., 1999 Boone and Kurtz, 2006). Thus, the decision to standardised or adapt a customised approach

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Practice exams Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Practice exams - Assignment ExampleBy analyzing annual equilibrate sheet, one is able to determine the economy-wide Assets, Net worth as well as liabilities.d. psychoanalysis of a countrys international investment position as well as balance of payments- This is where one looks into investments a country has made in other parts of twirled and this forms part of the assets.c. Why do bank orientated financial systems compared to market orientated financial systems tend to have more intense scotch downturns (or loss of output and bigger asset price falls) during a financial crisis? (3 tag)Financial systems relying on the banking systems tend to develop their own policies and therefore have their own pricing. On the other hand, market lie work with tee current trends in the world economy and therefore it is easy for them to prepare for economic crisis.What are the four main supply-side factors that domestic policymakers can target in order to raise the say-so output/ income of an economy? (4 marks) Provide a new-fangled policy example for Australia. (1 mark)What are the potential cost and benefits for China to easing restrictions and eventually liberalizing cross-border capital flows between China and the rest of the world? (Pros and cons - 2 marks each = 4 marks)China should involve other participants in the financial markets in regulation and defend of its growth credit and deposit rates. This will encourage more international investors into their financial systems.a. The current cast prodigality of China has reduced from over 10% of GDP in 2007 to a projected surplus of about 2.4% of GDP in 2014. While the US current account deficit has reduced from virtually 5% of GDP in 2007 and forecast to be a deficit of about 2.8% of GDP in 2014. What does this indicate? (5 marks)b. A key driver of relatively low global bond yields in recent years has been the global savings glut, whereby many Asian & oil exporting countries ran large

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Feasibility Experimental Research and Bias pertaining to a Hypothesis Essay

Feasibility observational Research and Bias pertaining to a Hypothesis - Essay ExampleIt has been suggested that the use of human growth endocrine therapy (HGHT) helps among other things to reduce body fat, give higher energy levels, invoke the strength of bones and enhance sexual performance among the old universe among other benefits (Artwelle, 2008, 67).Today, the use human growth hormone in crossing adults has been approved in some(prenominal) countries and the obtained results have been shown it to be popularly effective. The effectiveness of human growth hormone therapy in treating age associate illnesses has however been questioned by many including researchers and practical patients. This sets the basis for the first venture that the paper aims to prove that human growth hormone therapy is not as effective as many clinical experiments have indicated. Further, it can be argued that many people are loath(p) to use the therapy to treat their age related illnesses and th us the minute of arc hypothesis that as age increases, many patients are reluctant to use HGHT to solve their health problems.To test the first hypothesis, experimental study design go out be apply to test the variables with the dependent variable here been the type of age related illness and the autonomous variable been the effectiveness of HGHT in treating the particular illness. ... Simple random criteria will be used in selecting the participants from a population of two hundred patients. For one to be considered as a potential participants, he or she must be above the specified age limit, be suffering from a presumptuousness age related illness and be willing to participate in the study. Here, the type of age related illness will not be a major determining factor though the patients must be suffering from diseases that are claimed to be potentially healed through HGHM. The methodology to be used in testing this hypothesis will incorporate statistical tests and in particul ar the Z-test in which deterrent example statistical calculations will be carried out based on the results obtained. In this case, significance level of 0. 05 will be assumed and where the z-score assumes a negative value, the hypothesis will be discarded as zippo or void (Rand, 2005, 231). Testing the first hypothesis is however susceptible to participants bias as participants may give false or contradicting results. For example, where the health problem is decreased sexual activity, an old person may lie about his sexual participation due to shyness or other factors. To avoid or mitigate this bias, only individuals with testable illnesses will be selected to participate and the success or failure of the therapy will be recorded at minimal time intervals preferably after every fifteen days.To test the second hypothesis, observation study design will be used in which case interaction with the selected population will be relied in giving concrete results. In this case, research as sistance will be contracted to interact with the chosen participants drawn from a population of age bracket of between 35 and 79 years.

Imperessions and Analysis of the Exhibitions Visited Essay

Imperessions and Analysis of the Exhibitions Visited - Essay usageIt is a comic book more or less a kid Andy who happened to have power every date he puffs a cigarette. He excessively discovered a costume that could instantly kill anything. on with him is his sidekick Louie who is prone to bullying of which the death ray gun conveniently extinguishes the bully in the school. Although the rusework form itself was rendered in two dimensional and not as intricate with todays troika dimensional cartooning, David Clowess cartoons were revolutionary during his time because it served as the seminal art form of the later cartoons that followed. Without his art and his cartoons, we would not have our marvel comics and marvel movies To be honest, I was really surprised that the museum accommodated it in their array because typically, museums just exhibit the really old art and Clowes cartoons and its plot are very contemporary. But still, it is a good move on the part of the museum b ecause it drew younger spectators like me to be interested it in art. For example, after visiting the cartoon exhibition of Clowes, I also happen to see the early beautify painting of California. They were breathtakingly beautiful and sometimes so much to the point of photo realism that you would not now notice that they were rendered in oil. But beyond the beauty of the landscape painting, I also learned close to the early history of California. Through the paintings, I discovered that the early history of California was about meretricious mining particularly during the Gold Rush. It made me curious and later I googlight-emitting diode it at hearth to find more about this particular history of California. Without those paintings, I would not have been interested about Californias Gold Rush days. I was also interested in The 1968 Exhibit. Although I must admit that the presentation was initially boring, it turned out to be very interesting at one time we learned what transpired during that particular era. What seemed to be boring was in fact the coolest era in history because almost all of the cool stuff we enjoy today was revolutionized during that era ranging from rock and roll, hippie, feminism, labor rights to world peace. The exhibition was basically a narrative of events that led to the hearty upheaval that happened during the 1970s that shaped the cultural and semipolitical landscape of America that can still be felt today. These changes have major implications for our daily lives because the rumpus that the exhibition was trying to communicate was the germinal ideas that lent impetus to social and cutural explosions that once were considered as non-mainstream. fond concerns such as feminism, gay rights, organic farming, community gardening movements, environmental justice and other identitarian social movements can be said to have originated in this period of social experiment which were morphed and absorbed by the mainstream society that sur vive in its margins until today. It is the period where once marginalized sectors of society woke up from their slumber and begun to assert themselves. peradventure it is the environment of the 1960s that galvanized people to assert themselves which transformed the prevailing values and even reoriented and reshaped the history itself. It is also this period where previous domination of the monied elite in California was first resisted that perhaps led to the series of events that can be best characterized as contrarian and political radicalism. It may have been just a decade but

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Source Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Source Evaluation - Essay useThis research paper will evaluate the 2005 outlet of Environmental and Resource Economics to establish if it is a credible source for use in this paper. Authors Credentials Dr. Ida Ferrara is a PHD holder from York University. She is currently an associate prof and an undergraduate director in the department of political economy, faculty of liberal arts and professional studies at York University. Ferrara is a credible and known writer who has done many publications on waste management and environment exclusively and with other writers. Ferrara has vast knowledge in diverse research areas including applied microeconomics, public economics, natural option economics, environmental economics, and industrial economics. She has won many accolades on her research work and special merit on her work. This information about Ferrara makes her a credible writer. Dr. Paul Missios who worked with Ferrara in this publication is a PHD holder from York University. Hi s learn fields include environmental economics, engineering economics, and microeconomics. Dr Paul has research interests in environmental economics, natural imaginativeness economics, public economics, and international trade. ... The data used in this research was collected from households in communities across Ontario, which is inwardly the states that cover my research. The research sought to establish a relationship between several commonly recycled materials and single household characteristics, cycle programme attributes, and garbage collection financing methods. My research paper focuses on recycle and if it should be made needful for every household. The fact that this source focuses on the significant effects of mandatory recycling for almost all types of provisions, links it to my research paper. Sufficient Coverage This publication covers fully well on the topic of study. The sample collected on a few households in Ontario, Canada can reserve an overview of the s ituation in other states of USA. Data collected reveals a significant rise in recycling on introduction of user fees on garbage collection, which gives an insight on what need done to go on household recycling (Ferrara and Missios 221) Reputable Publisher or Respected Periodical Environmental and resource economics is a peer reviewed journal published monthly in three volumes per year. This paper is a publication of European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) started in 1991. EAERE encourage and improve communication between teachers, researchers, and schoolman institutions on environmental and resource economics issues. It has over 1000 membership in over 60 countries in European and beyond. EAERE awards for outstanding publication in the journal environmental and resource economics. EAERE is a time-honoured publisher of a respected journal of environmental and resource economics. Publication Date The journals publication date is in the year 2005. My re search

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Microeconomics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 7

Microeconomics - Essay display caseFor instance, sures in the agricultural sector experience perfect competition. A firm that deals with supplying ballock may answer a complete neediness due to lack of good production. This does not make the firm go out of production besides experience a loss (Francis 56).Firms that experience perfect competition often look at their competitors as a very small competitor in proportion to the total market. Though each company produces the same products, the aim is to provide a marketing bank to attain the customers (Krama, Bartram and Cieri 45). The problem comes as the products and services provided are of the same quantity and quality. By providing a competitive edge, companies are able to attract and maintain customers. A firm can go into a loss if it offers no competitive edge such as customer care service, after sale services, poor people communication and in adequate advertising (Kern 78).Proper customer care services acts as a major consumer attraction. Firms under the same business line may suffer a loss alone remain in business due to poor customer care services. Customers will prefer to price of admission the same products or services from a different firm. The firm that does not offer proper customer care services ends up making sales only if the other firms are closed or their products supply is low.After sale services is another reason why firms can continue to make losses in a perfect competitive market. Firms may be offering the same products but others gain a competitive advantage by providing their customers with after sale services. A firm providing customers with eggs may offer an after sale service of providing free delivery of the products to the clients (Jain and Haley 98).Communication to the customers comes as an serious aspect of ensuring competitive advantage. A firm in a perfect competition market should vouch to communicate properly to the clients before pushing for sales. Signs of the location of the business have to be communicated to the

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Retail Brands Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Retail Brands - Case Study ExampleIt is a leading seller in food, enclothe and home-ware and financial services, in operation since 1884.Zara is a leading Spanish Flagship fibril Store that deals in Women and mens room clothing. It opened its first store in 1975 and since then has taken retail fashion by storm. It is ace of the largest brands, by the Inditex Fashion Retail Group, that has 723 stores in 56 countries making sales of Euro 3.8 billion (India Supply Chain Council, 2006). Zaras fashion is based on imitation it copies designs from the catwalk and other spots and brings them to their customers at low prices in as little as a couple of weeks.Marks and Spencers average customer is mainly women aged betwixt 35 and 54. They are pie-eyed and book an active lifestyle. They are also family-oriented and are open to nerve-racking advanced things (MMC Consultancy, 2004).Zaras average customer is aged between 15 to 30 years of age. They are fashion-focused and have a desire fo r high-end fashion. The average customer is an urban woman who is not necessarily exceptionally wealthy and looks for trendy clothes in reasonable prices. (Nidasio G., 2007)It was assumed that Marks and Spencer would do better with 70% of the stores organism refurbished. Their strategy to increase market carry on for the past three years has been the same. This year, and the live, they still managed to come confirm at a higher adjust (after their big downfall till 2004). It is one of the few retail stores in the UK that managed to increase their market share in 2007, with high interest rates and low consumer confidence.Zaras position in the retail market has always been a leading one. This year was no different. It increased get by expanding to into more territories. It hold a stronger position in the fashion retail industry than many another(prenominal) other foreign labels.Sales, Profit and Market ShareMarks and Spencers sales turnover, for the year ended 31 March 2007, was Pound 8,588.1 million. The sales breakdown for 2006/2007 was as follows Clothing was at Pound 3,570,900 and Home was at Pound 431,900 (with the rest accounting for Food and International slaes). The profit before tax was Pound 1,007 million, which was a 4.3% increase. According to Stuart Rose, Chief Executive of M&S, sales fell by 2.2% by the end of December, during Christmas season. The market share for women wear fell during Christmas time also. However, the sales in UK rose by 9.7%. The market share held by clothing and footwear in 2007 was at 11.1%. (TNS WorldPanel Fashion,Your M&S, 2008). Zara, on the other hand, has a very high product turnover. It makes more than 11,000 products annually. The annual report of Zara (Inditex) for the fiscal year 2006 covers all activities from February 2006 to January 2007. Zara opened 138 new stores during the past year, increasing its selling area by 15%. The sales were an increase of 21% at Euro 5,352 million. It earned net profit of Euro 1 billion (Safe G., 2007) an increase of 25%, was in contrast to last years profit. The sales in Europe, with exception to Spain, were 40.6% of the total (Inditex Annual Report, 2007).Store Design Zaras typical store is a principally white, modern and spacious store it is bright and has

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OPERATION MANAGEMENT (specialize in comparative operation management Essay

OPERATION MANAGEMENT (specialize in comparative mathematical process management - Essay ExampleThe nature of offerings of KFC is different from McDonalds in the sense that majority of KFCs ingredients include obscure fried wholesome chicken pieces and fries. Immediately behind the counter, there is a temporary storage of limit to serve chicken pieces, in temperature controlled glass environment. This serves the purpose of Work in Progress Inventory.Step 2 the first person in the production line reads order and passes the raw, materials to the next level. For example if it is chicken pieces, hence he passes the full pieces, if its hot shots he passes the right amount to the net level.It can be seen that the trading operations of KFC are almost similar to the operations of Mc Donalds. As mentioned earlier, the primary difference between KF and Mc Donalds offering is that all KFC offerings contain chicken. As per quality policy the chicken has to be fresh. Due to this the design o f Temporary Storage (behind counter)is very crucial for KFC. It has to satisfy the following requirementsMc Donalds has and advantage on KFC in the sense that it does not require too much movement of workers as the sandwich is processed on a line of processing.

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Research Anaylsis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Research Anaylsis - Essay ExampleThe No Child Left pot Policy in the United States viewed the teachers as dutiful mechanism to foster that so called proven literacy culture programs and methods. This follows the Do as I do, not as I say rule. This method implies that students are much likely to perform well and engaged themselves in any activities especially in reading and musical composition when they learn from teachers who manifest the same traits. Therefore, the competency of teachers being active readers and writers influence the deed of the students. It brings life to the classroom and affects the students interest and enthusiasm to participate in reading and writing and be effective readers and writers themselves.On the opposite word these studies can just be a generalization of the whole scenario. The focus of this analysis is the individual carry out and approach of an effective teacher. Individual teacher has different attitude, beliefs and practices. Therefore, the teachers individual capacity will affect their performance in sustaining and delivering effective literacy instruction and learning opportunities to students. This is an individual role for them as educators. As a erect to this, Susi (1984) found that teachers assumed different positive writer roles and identities as a result of their participation in writers workshops. They experienced the struggles and joys of composing and revising, which, in turn, not only taught them to be more empathetic to the experiences of their students, hut also humanized them to their students.Therefore, the extent of what the teachers would facilitate to their students could be determined by their own experiences. It is absolutely hard to teach something when in fact, a person does not have enough knowledge regarding that subject matter. This is further supported by the report of some other researchers stating that more diverse teacher self-concepts as writers from

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The Influence of Art in Fashion Essay Example for Free

The Influence of Art in formulate Essay spirt is a state of mind. A spirit, an extension of mavins self. Fashion talks, it can be an understated whisper, a high-potential scream or an all knowing wink and a smile. Principally work is about universe comfortable with what you are, translating self-esteem into a personal style. Furthermore, art and design were more directly tied at the turn of the twentieth century than they are these days. Artists did not see the heterogeneousity among creating an original work of art, much(prenominal) as a painting, and designing a textile pattern that would be reproduced many times over. all(prenominal) was a valid creative act in their eyes.From earliest times, man has changed his clothing often. A phenomenon cognize as fashion sprang up thousands of long time ago. Men and women have tried to wear new things, dissimilar things, clothes that would amaze lot or frighten others. To give these people new clothes, other people had to have new ideas, creativity and so were born the first fashion designer around 5,000 years ago.Fashion itself has served as a canvas of purpose for thousands of years. From the delicately gilded armor of crusaders long deceased to the red or blue handkerchiefs that designate gang connection nowadays, fashion has expressed all sense known to man, yet n star so persuasively as conflict. Perhaps the expressions against complacency that are unmistakable in art are making their way into the world of fashion in preparation for other conflict of sorts, one in which individuals are railing against the societal injustices and political malfeasance of the day.In the late 1920s, a new modernized design aesthetic dubbed Moderne (now known as Art Deco) combined Cubisms geometric base with supple embellishments. Once more, textile patterns and fashion design echoed the trend. Shiny fabrics merely heighten the connection with the speed of modern lifeand art. The trim downes, coats, bathing suit s, and yeting wraps found in the Tirocchi shop, when placed chronologically, graph for the observer not only the changing silhouette of fashion, nevertheless reflect the fact that fashion was better of an aesthetic that was disassemble and parcel of its time.From the chemise and cloche of the 1920s, echoing Cubist concerns, to the evening dresses of the 1930s, with the body-skimming silhouettes and reflective surfaces, each dress up has a particular relationship to the art of its time. Just as the Italian futurists and artists of the Bauhaus in the early part of this century designed clothes that reflected their artworks, so too did the geometric language of Art Deco and Cubism and the paintings of Picasso, Braque and Mondrian, serve as motivation to designers such as Elsa Schiaparelli who come to the forefront of fashion as the Art Deco style began to vanish.Furthermore, one example of art that can be seen in fashion was the collection of Judith Leiber, a leader in couture hand bags. She has created more than 3,000 divers(prenominal) designs since 1963 and every handbag showed art in very artistic way. Art and fashion have constantly shared an intertwining history and complex visual language, even though fashions influence transcends the duster cube of the art gallery or museum space. The language of fashion, whether in the gallery or on the street, offers obese insights into who we were at the beginning of this century, how it has influenced us at the end of this century, and how will affect us in the one to come.In addition, fashion refers to the kinds of clothing that are in a pleasing style at a particular time. At special times in history, fashionable dress has taken extremely different forms. In modern times al close to everybody follows fashion to some extent. A young woman would tactual sensation unusual if she wore the clothing that her grandmother had worn when young. Nevertheless, only a small minority of people dress in the clothing that ap pears in high-fashion magazines or on fashion-show runways.It is not all the time simple to speciate the difference between basic clothing and fashionable clothing. Particularly nowadays, fashion designers frequently use crummy and functional items of clothing as inspiration. Blue jeans, for example, originated as functional work clothing for miners and farmers. Yet these days, even people who dress in jeans, T-shirts, and sports clothes aptitude be influenced by fashion. One year, fashionable jeans might have narrow legs the next year the legs might be baggy. Fashion is art. What ever the designers made is a result of art.Moreover, fashion is something we deal with each day. Even people who say they dont care what they wear lease clothes each morning that say a lot about them and how they feel that day. One certain(a) thing in the fashion world is change. We are continually being bombarded with new fashion ideas from music, videos, books, and television. Movies as well have a big impact on what people wear. Ray-Ban sold more dark glasses after the movie Men in Black. Occasionally a trend is world-wide. Back in the 1950s, teenagers all over dressed like Elvis Presley.Fashion is a way of self-expression that allows people to try on numerous roles in life. Whether you prefer hip-hop or Chanel-chic, fashion accommodate the chameleon in all of us. Its a means of celebrating the diversity and variety of the world in which we live. Fashion is about change which is essential to confirm life interesting. Its as well a mirror of sorts on society. Its a method of measuring a mood that can be helpful in numerous aspects, culturally, socially even psychologically. At the alike(p) time, fashion shouldnt be taken too seriously or you lose the fun of it.References25 most influential people in fashion, Retrieved on March 12, 2007 at http//www.time.com/time/europe/fashion/0902/influentials.htmlFashion, Retrieved on March 12, 2007 at http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fashion Fashion A Presentation on Contemporary concepts of Art and Expression, http//www.students.sbc.edu/hart06/Fashion%20Presentation%20copy/Fashion.htmJudith Leiber, Art in hand Retrieved on March 12, 2007 at http//www.phxart.org/exhibitions/leiber.asp

Charles Darwin & theory of evolution Essay Example for Free

Charles Darwin theory of evolution EssayCharles Darwin in his theory of evolution suggests that world evolved from ape-like creatures. In this theory, there is an indication that the early man was distinct from apes. Hence, some stripping have pointed out the early man could stand upright while apes could not. The hands of the apes were made for climbing and clinging while the early mans hands were jointed in such a way that he could economic consumption and make tools. Despite the little evidence on the tool- make affair of early man, remains of polished drum suggest that he made simple digging tools from bone. Generally, the early man appeared near 3 jillion years ago.However, the 1932 discovery by Louis Leaky in South Western Kenya reveal that Ramapitheticus is probably the oldest man known to date. Ramapitheticus is believed to have lived 12 to 14 years ago. Astralopitheticus, also known as the southern ape, were inaugural discovered in South Africa. The creature h ad human beings beings-like maxillary form and walked upright. The dentition resembled that of human being and it has a full face, jaws and an endocranial bone. Some scientist believes that this creature was the first branch of apes that evolved into modern man. Other evidences of Australopithecines have been unearthed at Kromdraii, Makapansgat and Swartkrans.The piece habilis also known as the handy man are believed to be the first true humans. observed in 1915 by Mary Leaky, it lived 1. 8 millions ago in Africa. military man habilis are credited with making stone tools and basic weapons. They were taller than their ancestors. Homo habilis had huge non-human molars, a small brain, and a large sagital crest. Their main fodder was probably wild fruits, nuts, roots, and vegetables. Although, the handy man did not have skills to make fervidness they built beset camps out of existing fires. The Homo erectus succeeded the Homo sabilis. They existed between 1. 6 million BCE to 30 000 BCE.He was about the same coat as the modern man although the size of their brain was two third the size of human brain. Their tool making skills improved considerably they made stone axes and knives. Homo erectus made fire and cooked their food. Besides fire camping, fire brought about social occasions in. Homo erectus had much semblance with human especially their teeth and jaws. They walked upright. Scientist discovered that these early men skeleton was shaped like modern man. Their skulls grew forwards for their brain to develop. Besides, creating stone tools, and bone needles and fish hooks, the Homo sapiens sew clothes from animal skins.The Homo sapiens were also hunters and gatherers. In conclusion, several other discoveries that purport the existence of early man omit credibility. Piltdown man, also known as the dawn man and scientifically referred as Eanthropus dawsoni was discovered by Charles Dawson in 1912. He concluded that Piltdown man existed in 500 000 million years ago, had ape-like jawbone but the teeth and the skull resembled that of human being. However, after forty years of discovery, Kenneth Oakley, Joseph Weiner and Wilfred Le Gros Clark termed the discovery as a hoax.They claimed that the skull was indeed human and the jawbone was of a modern ape whose teeth were filed to resemble that of human. Again, Nebraska scientifically known as Hesperopithecus haroldcookii was discovered in Pliocene deposits of Nebraska in 1922 by Mr. Cook. It was publicized by Henry Osborn who likened its teeth to that of man. Unfortunately, he failed to conclude whether Hesperopithecus was an ape or human ancestor. References Muller, H. J. (1959). One Hundred Years Without Darwin Are Enough. Osborn, H. F. (1926). The Evolution of kind-hearted Races, Natural History. Spielvogel, J. J. Western Civilization, Volume 1, Sixth Edition.

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Plato - Epistemology Essay Example for Free

Plato Epistemology Essay? Plato was born in Athens in 428/27 BCE, one year after death of Pericles. ? His father traced his lineage to the grizzly kings of Athens and before them to the god Posiedon. ? His, mother Perictione, was the sister of Chramides and the cousin of Critias. ? In such a family atmosphere, Plato learned much about public life and developed at an early age a feel of responsibility for public political service. ? Around 387 BCE, when he was about 40 yrs. Old, Plato founded the Academy at Athens. scheme OF KNOWLEDGE The Cave The Dividend Line ? Plato provides more detail about directs of screwledge that we can obtain ? These objects and their collimate types of thought can be diagram as follows Types of Objects y Thought The Good, Forms Intelligence Mathematical persuasion Objects Things Belief Images Imagining Imagining ? The most superficial form of mental activity is found at the lowest level of the line. ? The three levels of reality here are , then 1.The form of Humanness 2. The embodiment of this Form in Socrates 3. The simulacrum of Socrates as represented on canvass Belief ? The next stage after imagining is belief. ? It may touch on us as strange that Plato should use the word believing instead of knowing to describe the articulate of mind induced by seeing actual objects. Thinking ? When we move from believing to cerebration, we move from the panoptical world to the intelligible world and from the realm of opinion to the realm of knowledge Perfect Intelligence? To name a perfect knowledge would require that we grasp the relation of everything to everything else-that we see the unity of the whole of reality. Plato abbreviation Statement Now you may take, a corresponding to the four sections, these four states of mind intelligence for the highest, thinking for the second, belief for the third and for the last imagining. These you may arrange as the terms in a proportion, assignment to distributively a degree of clearness and certainty, corresponding to the measure in which their object possess accuracy and reality.THEORY OF FORMS ? Platos theory of the Forms is his most significant philosophical contribution. ? There are atleast 5 questions that we might ask about the forms What are the forms? ? In his Symposium Plato states that we norm whollyy grasp apricot first of all in a particular object or person. But having discovered beauty in his special(a) form, we soon perceive that the beauty of one form is akin to another, and so we move from the beauty of a particular body to the recognition that beauty in every form is one the corresponding.Where do the forms Exist? ? Platos clearest suggestion on this problem is that the Forms are separate from concrete things, that they populate apart from the things we see. What Is the Relation of Forms to Each other? ? A Form can be related to a thing in three ways o The Form is the cause of the essence of a thing. o A thing may be said to p articipate in a form. o A thing may be said to imitate or copy a form. What is the Relation of forms to each other?? Plato says that We can have discourse only through the weaving together of Forms. How do we know the forms? ? Plato mentions at least three different ways in which our minds discover the Forms. o There is callback o People arrive to the knowledge of forms through the activity of dialectic. o There is a military force of desire or love (eros) Intelligible World Visible World Knowledge Opinion.

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Marketing of Service - Restaurant Chain Essay Example for Free

commercializeing of table service Restaurant Chain EssayWith the rise in disposable income, dining outside has force a staple part of the modern world. This has been a phenomenon of most of the cities across the celibate. The beautiful and pristine continent of Africa is no exception with the spurt of the cities and the settlements from the outside countries. An interesting cradle of development in the continent is the state of federation Africa. As the standard of living of most South Africans has risen over the last decade, take in out has become a popular leisure activity. According to Statistics South Africa, eaterys and coffee shops ar steadily growing their businesses year on year.Take-away also did well, with businesses growing at an annual rate of most 15%. These increases were in spite of rising interest rates. In recent years, this market has grown and much restaurants guard opened oblation a wide variety and an improving quality of food. So, while the m arket offers plenty of opportunity for a small business, it also demands quality and preferably a special or polar offering. We, at Golden Restaurants , in our explorations to roll out across the seas , couldnt help predominate this burgeoning market.Hence, going ahead with our vision of taking our Flagship Restaurant Brand The Golden Bowl to the International Market, we wee-wee thought of setting our eyes on the Africas , the beautiful South Africa to begin with . Being in the Indian Restaurant Market for quite somewhattime and having burnt our kitchens to serve clients from different classes , particularly , the flush and the creamy , we would same(p) to conjure our expertise in positioning ourselves as a class asunder and an amphitheatre for the Rich and the Super Rich Indian South Africans .This document provides a peek into the South African Indian Market and our strategy to market and promote the arrest of Dining in a different way to the Rich Indian populace. Introduc tion Setting up a restaurant room firstly deciding what type of food to serve. South Africa has plenty of traditional dishes of its own, and has long been a juicy market for cuisines from India, Italy, Greece, France, China and Japan. This exposure has grown in the last decade, and will continue as the nation has become home to thousands from other African countries.Knowing our expertise in the Indian Cuisines, we plan to steer High-earning individuals or families of the large Indian Diaspora with plenty of disposable income hardly not much time as well as dual-income family groups and the Flux of Indian Tourists to the country. Though there are a sizeable government issue of Indian Restaurants, well-nigh 40, located in the Indian strongholds like Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria catering to the different strata of the diaspora, we intend to focus ourselves on the niche rich segment and provide an enriching experience with differentiated Service Value Addition.We pla n to start with Johannesburg, as our strategic location , it being a hotspot of Indian settlement and also one of the wealtiest cities of the country . We would like to offer our guests a dining experience like no other. A unique, interactive dining experience creating memorable moments with family and friends or the corporate honchos. From the time the first piece of bread is dipped and the last piece of dessert is savored, youll be graced with the time to discover forward-looking things about people you thought you knew. And, those youre getting to know.The emphasis would be on the first impressions and the power of contrast, change but exhaustive dining, an engagement of the senses and a choreographed ambience. The pick of the cuisines of the four corners of India would be on offer and the Indian exotic feel would be the main forte. Indian Diaspora in South Africa The history of the Indian diaspora in South Africa is a fascinating saga of almost a hundred forty years. Indian S outh Africans are people of Indian descent living in South Africa and mostly live in and around the city of Durban, making it the largest Indian city outside India.Many Indians in South Africa are descendents of migrants from colonial India (South Asia) during late 19th-century through early 20th-century. At other times Indians were subsumed in the broader geographical category Asians, including persons gillyflowerating in present-day Iran and parts of the small Chinese community. The modern South African Indian community is mostly descended from Indians who arrived in South Africa from 1860 onwards. The first 342 of these came on board the Truro from Madras, followed by the Belvedere from Calcutta.They were transported as ndentured laborers to work on the sugarcane plantations of Natal Colony, and, in total, approximately 150,000 Indians arrived as indentured laborers over a period of 5 decades, later also as indentured coal miners and railway construction workers. The indenture d laborers tended to speak Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, and the absolute studyity were Hindu with Christians and Muslims among them. The remaining Indian immigration was from passenger Indians, comprising traders, and others who migrated to South Africa shortly after the indentured labourers, remunerative for their own fares and travelled as British Subjects.These immigrant Indians who became traders were from varying religious backgrounds, some being Hindu and some being Muslims from Gujarat (including Memons and Surtis), later joined by Kokanis, and Urdu speakers from Uttar Pradesh. . There was also a significant number of Gujarati Hindus in this group. Indian traders were sometimes referred to as Arab traders because of their dress, as large add up of them were Muslim. Passenger Indians, who initially operated in Durban, expand inland, to the South African Republic (Transvaal), establishing communities in settlements on the main road between Johannesburg and Durban.Natals Indian traders speedily displaced small washcloth shop owners in trade with other Indians, and with black Africans, causing resentment among white businesses. Population, Regional Linguistic Distribution The South African Indian origin community currently numbers around 1. 15 million and constitutes about 2. 5% of South Africas total tribe of 45. 45 million. About 80% of the Indian community lives in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, about 15% in the Gauteng (previously Transvaal) playing area and the remaining 5% in the Cape Town area. In KwaZulu-Natal, the major concentration of the Indian population is in Durban.The largest concentrations of Indian settlement are at Chatsworth, Phoenix, Tongaat and Stanger in the Durban Coastal area, which covers approximately 500,000 of the Indian origin community. Pietermaritzburg noted for its link with Mahatma Gandhi has a community of approximately 200,000. Smaller inland towns in KwaZulu Natal much(prenominal) as Ladysmith, Newcastle, Dundee and Glencoe make up the bulk of the remaining Indian population. In the Gauteng area, the Indian community is much often than not concentrated around Lenasia outside Johannesburg and Laudium and other suburbs outside Pretoria.There are also smaller groups in towns in the Eastern Cape and other provinces. Settlement of Indian origin people in a particular area, as with other South African peoples, came about as a result of the host Areas Act that forced racial division into particular designated areas. According to the figures provided by the Department of Education and Culture, in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal, the linguistic break-up of the Indian community is as follows Tamil 51%, Hindi 30%, Gujarati 7%, Telugu 6%, Urdu 5% and others 1%. Starting a restaurant in South Africa Product is a key element in the overall market offering.Marketing-mix planning begins with formulating an offering that brings value to target customers. This offering becomes the basis upon which the comp any builds profitable relationships with customers. A companys market offering often includes both(prenominal) indubitable goods and go. Each component can be a minor or a major part of the total offer. At one natural, the offer may consist of a pure tangible good, such as soap. Toothpaste, or saltno services accompanying the product. At the other extreme are pure services, for which the offer consists primarily of a service.Examples include a doctors testing or financial services. Between these two extremes, however, many goods-and-services combinations are possible, the best examples is Restaurant. A restaurant is an ideal case of a product meets services story and the success of the greater concept as a whole depends on the combined successes or excellence of the entire gamut of offerings right from the food served to the services rendered to the ambience offered. We are not just offering our core Product with an elite Service but we blend it with a rich dining experience, o ne that would linger on for quite sometime.Now that we have identified the country, learnt about the population and have good statistical information which support the opening of an Indian Restaurant in South Africa, lets put on the Thinking Hat and do some Brainstorming like a marketers. We have the vast South African Market which is more or less a mixed kind of market with heterogeneous culture. So, at first we pack to identify our target market and position our pro-ser-exp (product served in a unique manner to give an experience of lifetime) by the process of S. T. P (i. e. Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning)

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Body and Performance Art Essay Example for Free

Body and Performance cheat EssayBody invention, which is to say, the use of the artists body as a medium, stage and avenue for the exhibition of a particular inspiration and ideology, is closely and mostly defined by feminist art. With tones of subversiveness which picks up aft(prenominal) postmodernism, critics argue that the use of the body as an art medium, or all forms of body and carrying into action art is a naive essentialism which is necessarily exploited in the art world.Either through live performance art, or captured stills of the human body as a necessary canvass of inspiration and ideology splattered with an assortment of colors, of paint, piercings, tattoos, and similar instance of aesthetical decorations, body art is and should be considered a formidable, and at the precise least, real artform, because it reflects the idea and creative proclivities of one person, and translates it from the abstract to the concrete. Body and performance art may be considered b y some as an act of subversion and a deviation from conventional and traditional forms of art, only when for the most part, it evokes the complexity of humanity, in its purest, most raw and unedited form, and despite other issue which could hypocrisy therein, the aforementioned qualities encapsulates what art is essentially and fundamentally about.

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William Shakespeare Biography Essay Example for Free

William Shakespeare archives EssayWilliam Shakespeare is known very sound across the world. Hes known for the greatest playwright and he is the worlds famous author and finest poet in English language. With his wonderful talent he has produced thirty-seven plays.Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in England on April 23 1564. He was the third and eldest infant of John and Mary Arden Shakespeare. Later on while his father John was mayor of Stratford, young William accompanied an excellent grammar prepare in his town which had very high qualified teachers who were strict on disciplining students. During his grammar school years Shakespeare got his first taste of what real plays were like. After his years at grammar school William did non compliments to attend a university. At age fourteen he was withdrawn from school.Once Shakespeare was eighteen he married Anne Hathaway who was about ten years older than him. Both William and Anne had three children together but soon enough following a year after their marriage they had their first baby girl named Susana. Later on they had a set of twins named Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet only lived till he was eleven years old because of the infection with plague that was going around in the city. After Shakespeares twins were baptized around 1592, not much was know about him so these years were known as The Lost Years. era this occurred William had left Stratford to go to capital of the United Kingdom so he can pursure his career.In the mid 1590s Shakespeare became well known by many masses in London as a established playwright. woful to London had Shakespeare become a well-known actor, writer, and director. Soon after he became known as a poet and a playwright that many theatres called upon him to write more plays. His plays were often performed for Queen Elizabeth and her court.William also wrote sonnets. His sonnets were describing the devotion of a character that was often identified as the poet hims elf. Shakespeares plays have been divided into separated categories such as tragedies, comedies, and histories. As soon as the theatres reopened Shakespeare became fully involved in writing plays. By the years of 1594 to 1608 William was Londonsmost popular playwright. The first story or play to be performed in the world was The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. After he produced this tragedy many more written for example Hamlet, Romeo Juliet, and Macbeth.Shakespeare referred to himself as a poet. He later became a better observer which had helped him write his plays better. He was known as a gentleman that his plays showed a lot of violence and passion. When William became more involved with his daughters it showed a lot in his plays that people were able to tell. Many of his plays and poems were based on the life really is.Some of his themes were love, evil, war, heroes, and romance. Later in 1608 Shakespeares productions lessened so he began to do go back to Stratford to spend time wit h his family. William wrote his will on March 25 and he passed away on April 23, 1616. Shakespeare is still known in todays world. Hes considered the greatest dramatist that has walked this earth. Hes the worlds famous author.

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Humanities Prejudice And Persecution Coursework Essay Example for Free

humanistic discipline diagonal And Persecution Coursework EssayWhy did the national socialists hate the Jews? Did national socialist Propaganda constrain the German people prejudiced against the Judaic race? How palmy were the policies of the national socialist government in establishing an anti- Semitic society?In this coursework I give be explaining why the Nazis hated the Jews. I will explain what propaganda is and if the Nazi propaganda fall upons the German people prejudiced against the Jewish race, and how successful the policies to establish an anti-Semitic were.The term prejudice means an military capability (about a person or group) that is formed without having all the facts. This usually involves disliking somebody, mostly because of their ethnicity, sexuality, organized religion etc. Prejudice attitudes be learned. For example children in Nazi Germany were taught to hate Jews, which is like anti- Semitic. Germans were influenced by the use of propaganda to prejudice them and make them discriminate against the Jews. The main reason for this was because of Adolf Hitler.The term discrimination means when treating someone in a contrastive way, usually less well, because they belong to a particular group. The Nazis treated the Jews differently, due to their religion and they discriminated the Jews as they way they computeed like.The term persecution is to treat an individual or group badly. Hitler persecuted the Jews as soon as he came to power in 1993.Adolf Hitler persecuted Jews in many different ways. The way that Hitler persecuted the Jews wereWhen Hitler seized power in 1933 he employ his powers under the enabling law to begin his attack on the Jews.In 1938 the attacks on the Jews became more than violent with Himmler the head of the SS and the Gestapo launching Kristallnacht on 11th November 1938.By 1939, half of Germanys 500,000 Jews had emigrated to escape Nazi persecution.In 1939, Germany invaded Poland which had a more than larger macrocosm of 3 million Jews.In 1941, Germany invaded Russia which had a population of 5 million Jews.Himmler sent four special trained SS units called Einsatzgruppen battalions into German occupied territory and nacreous at least 1 million Jews.Victims were taken to deserted areas where they were make to dig their own carve and shot.Nazi PropagandaThe Nazis propaganda in those days was seen as Anti Semitic. Propaganda was an organized way of media that confident(p) people this could be done by ideas, information, rumours or opinions. The major purpose for the Nazis propaganda was to make the German people prejudiced against the Jews race. Another purpose why propaganda was used was a brainwashing of the reality convincing them of an ideological viewpoint. The Nazis propaganda portrayed the Jews as fat, greedy, lazy, people with big crooked noses, slimy, dark, hooded eyes, nasty, evil, disloyal, unclean, wealthy, muscular and sly. To do this the Nazis made sure that their propagandas were e reallywhere. They were more noticed on, for example greenbacks on windows, cars, walls and to a fault the Nazis propaganda was broadcasted on television and films were also made to show the way Nazis prejudiced the Jews and was held on the radio.I will now be showing some propaganda posters, which shows positive(p) posters and negative posters. image01.jpgThe External Jew Poster from a Museum.This propaganda shows a negative outlook about the Jews it shows Jews creation ugly with a crooked nose. The money portrays that Jews are selfish and are money grabbers in the German society. This poster explains the Jews being selfish as they have a lot of money. The whip in this poster indicates that Jews are trying to take control of the German society. This is a negative propaganda towards the Jews.A German Beer MatThis is a Negative propaganda, which shows a German beer mat with a Jews face on the mat. This beer mat that was created by the Germans and was put in all pubs. It also has a picture of a Jew showing a very ugly face. Jews are hated by the Germans. The Germans have created this image on the beer mat to show how much they hate the Jews and to show that they do not have any respect towards the Jews. This beer mat indicates whoever buys from a Jew is a traitor to his people People in pubs promote even more hatred against Jews.Anti- Semitic Propaganda in schoolAn Anti-Semitic cartoon. From the German childrens book 1938This is a negative propaganda which is taken from a German childrens book. This propaganda has both German children and Jewish children in a school. The stereotype here of the Jewish children is made to make them look horrible, dark and with big crooked noses. There is a distinct with the difference of Jews and Germans. unalike the Jews the Germans stereotype was seen as clean and tidy and they are kept in a lighter area. From this propaganda you flowerpot clearly notify which children are Jewish or German as the stereotyp e comes in again. This propaganda is also to brainwash the German children. This poster explains Jews being kicked out of school, and is showing that without Jewish children the school is better.Showing the idealistic Aryan FamilyThis propaganda is a Positive poster towards the Nazis. Because this is trying to promote the Ideal Aryan Family. We net see this is a positive propaganda as it shown by the fruit and flowers around the family.A fund gentility poster for the Hitler YouthThis is a Fund raising poster it shows a stunning Nazi girl. This is a positive propaganda towards the Germans. This poster indicates that Nazis are beautiful. They are pure good and generous. The tin displays the swastika, which is the Nazi symbol.Hitler posing with German children in 1936This is a positive propaganda towards the Germans. This poster shows Hitler posing with 3 children from the Nazi Youth. They look extremely joyful as they are with who they believe was the Saviour of Germany. This poste r explains Adolf Hitler is being seen as a father figure for the children. This also explains Hitler is trying to get their support for himself.A Jew Free Area manseThis is a Jew Free area sign. From this sign, it shows that this leads to discrimination towards the Jews. This shows that Jews are restricted from going to swimming baths and public places. This propaganda was used to make the Jews jealous as they were unable to go to some places that had a sign like this. This shows Germans being good-looking and healthy, whereas in other propagandas it shows Jews being horrible and fat.In conclusion when the World War 1 had ended, Hitler convinced all the Germans that the Jews were scapegoats. The Nazis then used negative propagandas to discriminate the Jews every come-at-able way. Hitler convinced all the Nazis about saying negative things about the Jews, Hitler brainwashed the Nazis which they began to hate the Jews. The Germans needed a saviour which Hitler came and took upon thi s role. Due to the fact that all the brainwashing Hitler started to do to the Germans so they were able to hate the Jews. The propagandas were so successful that it led to Hitler making the laws. By the propagandas being successful and the new laws made by Hitler this led the Jews dying in the holocaust. The holocaust is the name given to the trouncing of six million people, mostly Jews, during the Second War.

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Censoring Student Publications Persuasive Essay Essay Example for Free

Censoring Student Publications convincing Essay EssayImagine that you are a full(prenominal) school assimilator and have and received the newest edition of your schools newspaper. As you are flipping through the pages, you discover a wonderful article written about you. How would you feel? Recently, there has been much debate on whether high schools should be able to regulate the content of school-age child publications, such as newspapers and magazines. Censoring savant publications would be expert because they may contain conflicting things. Also, it would be favorable because the material in student publications may be offensive to its readers and the text may bepoorly written. Because of this, high school officials should have the right to control the content of student publications.First of all, student publications should be baned because they may be filled with inappropriate content. Some high school students are non mature enough to determine whether certain subjects and language are usable. Without ban student publications, students may publish something with an inappropriate subject. Since it is used throughout todays entertainment, they may too use vulgar language. It is not appropriate for school, so high school officials should be able to censor student publications in case it is used.As a result of inappropriate subjects and vulgar language, the content of student publications may be offensive to its readers. If a student publisher does not like a young buck student, he or she may publish an article about that student. Of course, it entrust be something terribly offensive. Since student newspapers are given to the entire student body, practically everyone will see it. This will lead to a higher chance of bullying. Bullying is already widespread, so it does not need to be increased by angry, careless teenagers.Lastly, most high school students are not good enough keep openrs to publish a newspaper or magazine. Students article s will not always be grammatically correct and presentable. Their research will be insufficient because they do not do enough research about most topics and write mostly off the top of his or her head. The articles will also be bursting with bias. Most students are not able to write an article without including bias because they are not mature writers at his or her age. Because of this, student publicationsshould be censored.In conclusion, high school officials across the nation should have the right to control what goes into his or her schools newspaper or magazines. Because of immaturity and carelessness, students may publish an article about an inappropriate subject and include crude language. Content of student publications may be offensive and increase the take a chance of bullying. Also, the newspapers and magazines may be poorly written due to the lack of writing maturity. It is essential to students wellbeing that a law be passed that allows high schools to control their st udent publications for every school in the United States not just Hazelwood School.

Native Americans and Early American Colonists Essay Example for Free

homegr protest Americans and Early American Colonists Essay range school and even beginning level college history classes have taught early American exploration from a largely one sided eyeshot of the conflict between early explorers and indwelling Americans. The traditional image of the Native Americans as the furbish up victims, is an oversimplification of the conflict that existed between early explorers, settlers and Native Americans. Through the readings from Columbus, Bradford and some selected Native American writings, the traditional view of the Native American victim will be ch allenged and a broader view of the conflict will be presented. Columbus set out to explore a new record under the Spanish flag to bring riches and fame to Spain and the throne. In his letter to Santangel, Columbus (1493) explained how he hoped to drive great cities and kings but instead found a primitive people and settlements he described as small hamlets that he viewed quite devolved from the bustling civilizations of Europe (pg. 26). One can clearly see, that Columbuss hopes of finding rich kingdoms and cultures were dashed instead his presence was met with resistance from the Indians.This relationship with the natives was described by Baym et. all (2008) as disordered and bloody (pg. 25). These natives were mistreated even though one could argue that they threw the first sluggard but, as Baym et. all (2008) describes earlier in the chapter, the Natives were non merely victims. They strategically used alliances with explorers and settlers to further their own interests and disputes with warring tribes and peoples. William Bradford (1897) describes quite a different account of his coming to the new world. He was part of a group of pilgrims seeking religious freedom.He likens their arrival to the new world, to the story in Acts were the apostles are met with such(prenominal) aggression from barbarians who were readier to fill their sides full of arrows (pg. 60). Lat er on in his account, he describes an attack they received from the natives he described as enemies (pg. 64). Later on in his account, Bradford (1897) describes some awful events surrounding early accounts of settler and native interactions in which the Native Americans treated the english as worse than slaves and were sent around and made pleasure with (pg. 70).One last important viewpoint to give credence to is that of the Natives themselves. This account is unique and oftentimes not told. The first story mentioned is that of the freeing of John Smith as a ceremonial act that the natives hoped would agnize them respect from the English. This instead had the opposite effect and eventually brought about an attack from the natives which killed over 500 colonists. In a speech from Pontiac (1763) he expresses concern over his people forgetting their heritage and blaming the English for the polluting of his peoples culture and beliefs.He holds the English in complete responsibility an d calls for their blood. The traditional view of the natives as the sole victim is an oversimplification of the problems revolving around immigration and cultural diversity. Just from these three personal accounts from the time pointedness we have three very different views of the issue. So, to say that one peoples are the victim is a sodding(a) oversimplification and misrepresentation of history. Columbus, C. (1493). Letter to Luis de Santagel Regarding the First Voyage. In Baym, N. (Ed. ). (2008). The Norton Anthology of American belles-lettres (seventh ed., pp. 24-28).New York, NY W. W. Norton Company, Inc. Bradford, W. (1897). Of Plymouth Plantation. In Baym, N. (Ed. ). (2008). The Norton Anthology of American Literature (seventh ed. , pp. 57-74). New York, NY W. W. Norton Company, Inc. Pontiac (1763). Speech at Detroit. In Baym, N. (Ed. ). (2008). The Norton Anthology of American Literature (seventh ed. , pp. 208-209). New York, NY W. W. Norton Company, Inc. Baym, N. (Ed. ). (2008). The Norton Anthology of American Literature (seventh ed. , pp. 1-218). New York, NY W. W. Norton Company, Inc.

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Green Supply Chain Essay Example for Free

Green leave cooking stove EssayThis piece of music basically palavers about the imagination of parkland hand over strand anxiety that is universe incorporated by many plaques in their charge styles today. This paper leave behind help accede the term to the readers by giving them a detailed definition of the concept and its key elements that help implement this style of centering. The paper impart too discuss the benefits of implementing much(prenominal) a management strategy in their management style along with the risks that organizations causa by implementing this management strategy. The paper bequeath alike talk about the key issues that organizations face while designing a spirt offer kitchen range for their organization by analyzing separately the companies which argon suitable for much(prenominal) a supply chain and as well as the companies which wint be able to benefit from such a management practice. In the end the paper will also talk about t he companies in UAE that ar using this concept and atomic number 18 successfully using the best practices that makes such a supply chain management idol for their management.The methodology for the compilation for the information partd in the report will be through a research ground net search and literature review of many books written on the topic. The net search helps to mention the companies which be already using this management technique and the books help infrastand the basic concepts, benefits, risks and the types of companies that bottom of the inning drop such a management practice. IntroductionThe world is facing issues relating to climatic changes and environmental threats to a great(p) extent today particularly beca utilisation of the emissions of Greenho use up Gases that is the CO2 which is atomic number 53 of the major cause of global warming. agree to research, the major portion of Australias energy related honey oilhouse gases were emitted by the exertion of goods and services by the work sector. This proportion was estimated to be as big as 56%.The issue that many organizations face today is although it is the consumption of fuels that contribute to a great extent for the emission of the gases, watchrs themselves be thinking on these lines that they atomic number 18 also to be held accountable for the emissions of these gases because it is them who demand and consume the products that go on to emission of such gases and chemicals into the atmosphere.The consumers are concerned about this issue to a great extent and it ob coifms that in the future their decision fashioning model will also include the positionor of environmental concern as hale. Thus from the supra discussion we can deduce that the pressure of such a behavior from the consumers is eventually going to go back to the explicaters who are producing these services and products and hence they will give birth to incorporate a lean green supply chain manag ement in lodge to provide them a competitive edge all over the competitors who take on non yet foc employ their plans towards this side.However, those companies which father already started to make use of this management technique throw started to realize that it is not nevertheless the competitive edge over the competitors, but a green supply management technique also helps them to attain management efficiencies and reduces their expenses and costs figures in their profit and liberation statements. The basic formula for the implementation of a green supply management basically has two major elements.The first one being conservation of innate resources, and the second one is the reduction of pollution that is ca employ by manufacturing of goods and services. This report will discuss both the elements separately because each of the elements has a lot of other factors that wish to be discussed under their heads. Green Supply Chain worry Starting with the conservation of re sources, first we inquire to identify the problem that organizations and the production sector faces in the global market today.The most important understanding that has lead to firms adopt strategies to conserve earthy resources is the depletion of natural resources worldwide collectible to increasing demand and population. We can see that as forward-looking technologies in production are coming on the stage, the cost of production is decreasing day by day devising it much attractive for both producers and consumers to produce and consume respectively. New methodologies are adopted by producers to increase the quality, hit it a focussing up with substitutes and provide more facilities to consumers from their product.It is not barely the production sector, the agriculture sector is also facing the aforesaid(prenominal) issues because of the fact that as in that location is a limited supply of land, when more will be cultivated the land will overlook its fruitfulness mo re quickly. Even if farmers use fertilizers and nutrients to maintain the profuseness of s vegetable oil colour, the most they do is to sustain the fertility and prepare the crop for other cultivation, however, when we look it from the perspective of the whole society we see that using fertilizers is also one of the causes for emission of greenhouse gases because fertilizers are hundred percent chemicals.Therefore, organizations who obtain switched towards a greener supply chain management are focusing towards this issue from both, the environmental and the transaction point of view. From the environmental point of view, these organizations cleverness have a competitive edge over the competitors because of the consumers preferences for environmentally products, but, saving of natural resources by cut chase aways and recycling the used fabric will also end up in reducing costs for these organizations which will have a significant impact on their profit and loss accounts (Det hlof, 2007).Moreover, when we jazz to the reduction of wastes, we see that companies reduce the emission of pollution by recycling these wastes. Rather than dumping them into codswallop and burdening the society with the cost that they have to pay for the consumption of goods, organizations are trying to use resources in such a way that they reduce the wastage and even if there are wastes from production of goods, these wastes must be reutilized.For example, when organizations use paper for their daily operations, they are trying to automate their data processing to such a take that the use of paper is reduced to a great extent, however, even if papers are used wheresoever they are necessary, they should be re calendar methodd again rather than buying unfermented papers which will eventually lead to cutting of more trees (Danaher, 2007). The above picture explains the green supply management from an forward pass view.Three processes of production that we can see in the diagram suggest that the organizations choose to acquire material and natural resources that are environmental amiable, they must be processed in an environment friendly manner and lastly the creates that are the products must be environment friendly as well. This is the idol supply chain for green management. We see that the wastes and even the used products are disposed and recycled to be used again or to make by products that can be used in any other manufacturing facility in order to assuage natural resources and provide material for another manufacturing cycle.Once this cycle is established, researchers and analysts believe that the usage of material by the organizations will reduce up to around 30-40%. This reduction in the use of material means that these companies will incur less costs on the acquisition of material in the same percentage and also the amount of emissions and pollution that will be reduced will be proportionate to this reduction in material use as well. The best practices that we can deduce from the above discussion regarding the implantation of a green supply chain are that organizations need to align green supply chain goals with their profession goals.This means that both of these goals need to be taken simultaneously and the extreme bias towards any of the will lead nothing but in efficiencies. If the organization only thinks about the use o environmental friendly goods and material which are twice as costly as before, then the operations of the business will become inefficient to a great extent. Similarly if the organization does not focus on the environmental friendly products and services, again the effects of such thinking will have drastic effects on the environment.Moreover, the companies should keep this in mind that the supply chain is devised in such a way that it becomes the single lifecycle of the product. The material is acquired, processed reduced and is then decomposed to get recycled for the same life cycle. The life cy cle does not starts from acquisition of environmental friendly material and production of environmental friendly goods, but the used and wastes materials must be invested back in the life cycle again and this cycle must be kept running as long as the products are produced.Moreover, another best practice that is very(prenominal) important in this twenty first century is that the implementation of green supply chain management must serve as a catalyst for organizations to indulge themselves in coming up with new innovations and technologies that aimed towards conservation of natural resources along with reducing pollution as well (Shina, 2008).This can be through with(p) by inventing new engineering that makes efficient use of natural resources that reduces it wastes, innovation in technology of making new by products, innovation in recycling and innovation in filtering the gases that are emitted from the production of goods and materials. Lastly, another thing that organizations ne ed to focus upon is that they should reduce the use of environmentally hazardous materials and extra materials from the source, i. e., when acquiring unprocessed materials, it should be acquired in such a quantity that no raw material is wasted and is extracted in excess because eventually it will lead to depletion of resources at a faster rate. Moreover when acquiring material, the material should be checked for its material friendly characteristics from the very beginning because once the material enters the cycle, the cycle will have to filter its wastes and emissions for a longer period of time. Thus the life cycle of the material will also become efficient if the materials that are used are checked for their environmental friendly characteristics at the source (Sheu, 2005). major benefits of the Green Supply Chain orgasm on to the benefits of the green supply chain management, we see that the benefits can be subdivided into two categories, environmental benefits and the busin ess benefits. In the above discussion we have discussed a lot about the environmental benefits of green supply chain management that is less use of natural resources and reduction in pollution due to the use of environment friendly materials. However, when we come to the organizations themselves, they bonk a lot of factors related to green supply management as well.As we have discussed that this management tactic has a significant impact on the PLs of the organizations, bow we need to know how does this happen. The clear dish out to this question is that using green supply chain management technique brings a commitment of being efficient in an organization. Implementing this type of management strategy is not a capital intensive one and it just needs a little bit of changes and research in order to identify the suppliers who have the potential to supply environment friendly materials.We have already seen that organizations that have used this methodology have been able to bring ef ficiency in all of their departments, from inventory, production, administration and even distribution of the products. these companies buy materials that are cheap and environment friendly, the produce in such a manner that all the material are utilized in most efficient manner reducing the wastes and increasing the productivity.With the incorporation of new technology the put of the production has also been change magnitude because the new technology is employed to obtain more output from lesser use of material or at least from the same amount of material that was used before. Natural fuels that are used in the production process are also used expeditiously keeping in mind the global shortage of fuel and natural gas power genesis practices are employed rather than oil and nuclear power generation which are both overpriced and environmentally hazardous (Kainuma, 2006).When it comes to administration costs, the companies have also managed to decrease their administrative costs as well by eliminating all the extra administrative costs like use of paper, extra office lights, sack of office vehicles from petrol and diesel to natural gas and also reduction of energy use in the offices by conservation of electricity and water resources. Moreover, when it comes to distribution of material and products, the distance between warehouses and production facilities have also been reduced under this green management in order to reduce the use of natural fuels that are wasted due to long distances.Moreover, organizations have either chalked out plans for recycling or invested in other production lines that make use of their wastes to come up with by products or, they have changed their production chemical mechanism in such a way that most of their wastes are usable by other production facilities in the economy. This means that the organization is able to reimburse the cost of its wastes which was counted as a total waste previously.More over, as we have already discuss ed in the beginning, that the consumers who are very much aware of the fact that they are also the contributors of environmentally hazardous emissions are more inclined towards switching brands in order to buy those products that are made from an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. This has provided these organizations with a competitive edge in par with those organizations who have not yet thought on environment preservation plans as yet (Makower, 2008). Major risks/cost of the Green Supply ChainComing on to the risks and issues related to the green supply chain management, we see that in order to implement this concept, the suppliers and the production facilities need to transform themselves into organizations that are highly sinless and operate at idol production levels. This means that only an organization which is producing cannot alone implement this concept in its management unless it suppliers adhere to this concept as well. When we look at the suppliers, there is not only one supplier of a company, there are many.Thus, the question arises that how will companies be able to canvas their suppliers whether the products they are manufacturing are environmental friendly or not. Even if the company does takes the initiative to check its suppliers to supply environmental friendly products, then, what about the suppliers suppliers? Who will actually check them? This is imperfections and inefficiencies come into make in this highly idealistic model (Preuesse, 2005). Moreover, when it comes to packaging, it is seen that many organizations have changed their packaging processes from plastic bags to paper packaging.From an aerial view, this looks like the best practice, however, when we look into the matter a little more critically, we see that there is lots no one who is ready to take the responsibility of the extra trees that are being cut in order to meet the supply of papers for the packaging? Thus the net benefit of the society is nullified. Coming on to the transportation of production and materials from one place to another, these facilities can only be provided through vehicles that use natural resources and fuels resulting in emissions.How to reduce this? Under the green supply management, the best practice is that the organizations must come up with schedules that aim towards supplying goods to different places in only one consignment. This would result in conservation of fuel. However, what about organizations who will have to wait for long hours because of the delayed supplies what about the loss of energy that the factories have to bare because they are left idol without necessary supplies?Moreover until now, it is seen that in many industries, organizations have increased the cost of commodities that are more environmental friendly because of high cost of research, new technology and new equipments that has been apportioned to the cost of production. The question is will the consumers buy the expensive product s just because they are environment friendly or would they keep on buying the traditional goods that are cheap and provide equal fringy utility (Rao, 2008). Therefore many originations do face these risks while implementing such a management decision.In this part of the paper, we will see which organizations in UAE have implemented the Green Supply Chain Management strategy in order to help them bring efficiency in their production facilities and at the same time producing services that are environment friendly. As we know that UAE is oil based economy and oil production constitute the major chunk of their GDP. However, we also know that it is the oil that cause and faces most of the environmental issues that world faces today.First of all, oil resources are being depleted day by day due to increasing world demand for oil due to globalization and expansion of manufacturing units all over. Secondly, the consumption of oil also is responsible as one of the largest contributor to gree nhouse gases that are emitted in to the atmosphere. Be it from factories or be it from transportation, oil is the major source of CO2 about which we have already talked about in the beginning of the report.However this report talks about an example of a consortium of oil producing companies that have pledged to assume environmental and social responsibilities onto them in order to retain the environment from the hazardous emissions and depleting natural resource (Sarkis, 2006). These companies have decided to budget and analyze the amount of production that they need to make in order to supply it to the oil marketing companies both within the UAE and outside as well. These companies only produce only that much amount of oil that is required to meet their targets and the demand.Excess drilling is banned under the limitations of the consortium between the companies. Moreover, while extracting oil, these companies also take great care of the fact that no resources are wasted due to ne gligence such as fire in any of the drilling well or leakage of pipes. When supplying it to oil marketing companies, the company also distributes pamphlets, magazines and literature that is written just to educate the consumers how to save the environment from emissions, how to make use of fuel more efficiently and lastly how to save it from being wasted.This step includes a campaign started by the company that aimed towards educating the transporters about the above three factors. As far as those companies are concerned which actually cannot make use of such a supply chain management are the fertilizer producing companies. Due to limited land resources and unlimited demand of forage supplies, soil needs to fertilize on regular basis in order to maintain its fertility for the next cultivation which is equally important. Thus chemicals and natural resources such as natural gases have to be used by these companies in order to produce fertilizers.Apart from the two heavy industries, w e can also take the example of McDonalds that also uses green supply management and its best practices in order to serve the community with environmental friendly products. The biggest contribution by McDonalds is that it only uses paper packaging and it recycles every contingent paper that it uses. Moreover, the material from which the paper is manufactured is also such that it does not harm the environment that much. During a survey, the company has been reported to have saved around$3.6million dollars by conserving on its packaging materials (Lawrie, 2003). Conclusion Although the need o f the hour suggests that organizations need to adhere to green supply chain management as soon as possible, however the concept is relatively new and does needs a lot of more research to be done to be effectively implemented. At the beginning, organizations might fear the impact of such measures on their cost however, the benefits of these investments can be reaped for so many years to come. Ref erences Danaher, K. (2007).Building the Green scrimping Success Stories from the Grassroots. Pollipoint Dethlof, C. (2007). Citizen hotelier hotel chains are developing green initiatives. (COLUMN HOSPITALITY) An article from atomic number 49 Business Magazine. Indiana Business Magazine Kainuma, Y. (2006). A multiple attribute utility theory approach to lean and green supply chain management . International Journal of Production Economics. Elsevier Lawrie, R. (2003). Gone Green. Evans Brothers Makower, J. (2008). Strategies for the Green Economy Opportunities and Challenges in the New World of Business.McGraw-Hill Preuess, L (2005). The Green Multiplier A Study of Environmental Protection and the Supply Chain. Palgrave Macmillan Rao, P (2008). greening the Supply Chain A Guide for Asian Managers. Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd Sarkis, H (2006). Greening the Supply Chain. Springer Sheu, J (2005). An integrated logistics operational model for green-supply chain management Transportation explore Part E. Elseviser Shina, S (2008). Green Electronics Design and Manufacturing. McGraw-Hill Professional