Monday, March 18, 2019

Xena vs. The Odyssey :: Compare Comparing Contrast

Xena vs. The Odyssey In this episode of Xena The Warrior princess, the story of Odysseus reappearance to Ithaca after the Trojan War is told. The episode starts when Xena and Gabriel are walking level a beach and they see a man fighting unsocial against a sm all army, so they ascertain to help him out. by and by the date was over, they shew out that the man fighting was Odysseus. He told Xena his story and how he had been traveling for ten years to get home because Poseidon was angry with him. Xena and Gabriel decide to help him get to Ithaca, so they sail off. First they got cut up in a terrible storm that Poseidon sent them. Most Odysseus men(of the ones he had left after ten years) died here, but still the ship survived. After this they had to sail close-fitting to the island of the sirens. Xena knowing the effect of their singing in men tied up each man left in the ride including Odysseus. The closed they got to the island the stronger the singing. The effect of t he voices of the sirens was so strong that Odysseus almost broke outside(a) to go to them, but then Xena started singing really loud to contra reprieve the effect. Finally Xena wan they sail safely by the island. Finally they got to Ithaca, where Odysseus shew out that Penelopes hand would be given in marriage to the achiever of the contest taking place the next day. Odysseus, helped by Xena, also found out that Penelope had been faithful to him all those years by rejecting every suitor she had. Yet after ten years, they had finally pressure her to decide, so she decided that whomever wan the contest would be her husband. The contest consisted of the trial of the bow, every suitor had to first string it and then shut an arrow through 12 arrows. None raze got close, until Odysseus tried it, he was really close to making it. However, he could not quite do it alone, so Xena without anyone seen her, nor even Odysseus himself, help him out. Ones Odysseus had wan the contest he reve aled his identity and helped by Xena, they killed all of the suitors. During the trip, Xena and Odysseus got quite close, in fact they felt in love, so when Odysseus go to to leave his kingdom to Penelope to go with Xena, she convinced him that it was not insolent and that his place was with his wife, who had been waiting for him for ten years, ruling Ithaca.

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