Sunday, March 24, 2019

Mediatek India Technology Private Limited Essay -- manufacturing compan

Mediatek is a leading manufacturing companionship in India and in addition has a major share outside the country. Here, I have tested to analyse the susceptibilitys and weaknesses present in the company. What are the different opportunities and threats present in the external environment for the company? Strengths Mediatek makes the technology thats at the tenderheartedness of the things that we use every day. Its strength lies in optimising system design, perfectly incorporate software and hardware design to offer users an uninterrupted and always connected technology by providing smartphones, tablets and dual SIM experience. Its riding high on amking cheap, user friendly smartphones across Asia. Global presence, technology, innovation and taking negociate of customers taste and preference are some its strength over its competitors. Weakness The weakness for the company is that being a manufacturing company it belongs to a mature industry which means that it faces tough co mpetition and thither is small room for growth.Opportunities It is a knowledge dependent company with highly specialised workers which makes it difficult for the low wage countries to compete in this commercialise segment. The shipments of Mediatek jumped 80% in volume terms to more than 200 gazillion in 2013. It held 47% share in the Chinese market year, up 14% points from 2012 and outstripping its rival Qualcomm of the U.S, the worlds largest market of chips for mobile devices that pushed Mediateks sales 37% higher on the year to a designate 136 billion New Taiwan dollars( $ 4.52 billion) ( source The Nikkie)Threats Rising price of manufacturing in the global economy poses a threat to the company. Intense competition from Broadcom, Spreadtrum and Qualcomm is also a major concern for the... ...ce has a great impact on the achievement of the organisational performance as a whole. Works CitedFlippo, E.B (1984), Personnel direction (sixth edition) .( K.A Meyer), Mc Graw Hill Bo ok CompanyBeach D.S. (1975), Personnel the steering of people at work, New York MacmillanThompson, K.R. & Luthans, F. (1990), Oragnisational Culture A behavioural Perspective, In Schneider, B. (ed), Organisational climate and Culture, Oxford Jessey-Bass, Chapter 9Kumari, Neeraj (2012), a study of the recruitment and selection movement SMC Global, volume 2, No.1, 2012 Ishrat, Ghazala (2013), Comparative study of recruitment and selection, training and maturation policies in Indian MNCs and foreign MNCs, Journal of business and management, volume 7, screw 5Dessler, Garry(2005), Human Resource Management, Tenth

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