Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Essay --

The above seven industries we engage visited in Pune and Goa, and after all these industries we have visited in North India. The details of all the above industries are granted in the earlier report. Bird eye views of the industries are given below.1)Mapro Foods Pvt. Ltd.Mapro is the concise shout of Mahabaleshwar Products. It is a food manufacturing troupe which is located on hill t suffer of Panchgani in Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra. The caller produces different types of jams, crushes and fruit bars. The friendship is specially in Jams. The capa urban center of the society is around 30000 MT in a year. The company is leader in Western India. The quality of the products is so close. The company is 5 decades old and in todays era it is continue with its competitors. 2)AmulAmul is the well known company in all over the world. The company is produced different items like mils, curd, ghee, ice-cream etc. The company is good in exportation quality of the products. All the ite ms are sold in the brand name of Amul. The one of the unit of Amul is situated in Pune. In that unit they produced milk, curd and butter milk. And all the items are sold in the Pune region and near the city to a fault. The overall capacity of the Amul is 16.8 Million liters per day. As per the report which is published in September 2011 it is said that the capacity of the Amul in Pune is about one lakh liters. 3) Shetty Chemicals and Engineering works Pvt. Ltd.The company is manufacturing and selling of calcined and fused Alumina products. The company is about 50 years old and they are in the good quality manufactured products. The company is manufactured refractory castables, general refractory and cement refractory. It is used in different industries like petrochemical, copper in... ...ivers of Allian and Duhangan in the Kullu District. This project is started in July, 2010. In July 2010 Allian side of the project is completed and it is expect that from other side of the river that is on Duhangan side of the project is completed in February, 2012. The total capacity of the project is about 192 MV. 16)Gupta Woolen MillsThe company is manufactured handmade best quality of Pashmina and Woolen shawls, stoles and lohis. The company also manufactures Kullu Caps and Jackets. All the products are handmade. There are about 10-15 workers are on that point in the company. 17)Kullu NeerThe company is manufactures the water bottles and also sold the water. They make the own water bottle under the name of Kullu Neer. They purchase the raw corporeal of the bottle and done the process on it and make it as per the take on like 500 ml, 1litter, and 1.5 litter.

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