Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Essay --

Many of us may know nearly the tragedy that took place back in the 1900s, the Holocaust. One important misgiving that crosses many of our minds is, if the United States knew what was happening in Germany, why didnt this colossal nation take action? Aldof Hitler fin entirelyy succeeded to become hander of Germany from January 30, 1933-May 8, 1945. During those cartridge clip periods Jews were being over powered in way of unnecessary persecution. This lead to nearly 6,000,000 murders of the Jews, keeping in mind that 1.5 million of those Jews were children. The Jews who died were not the ones who fought in Europe during macrocosm War II. After World War I, Germany was downgraded by the Versailles Treaty, which reduced its pre-war territory and completely reduced its armed force, thats where it all began. The Holocaust was one of the twentieth centurys greatest tragedies that was make possible by isolationism politics, possible outright fear of the U.S., and possible denial.During the 1930s, the admixture of the Great Depression and memory of devastating losses in World War, was what could have possibly le...

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