Sunday, March 17, 2019

Emergence of Women in the Great Gatsby :: F. Scott Fitzgerald

The payoff of wo men and the decline of male dominance in the 1920sDuring the 1920s, the role women had chthonian men was making a drastic change, and it is shown in The Great Gatsby by two of the main female characters Daisy and Jordan. One was domesticated and immobile magical spell the other was not. Both of them portray different and important characteristics of the normal char growing up in the 1920s. The image of the woman was changing along with morals. Females began to challenge the g everyplacenment and the society. Things same this stir up people, especially the men. The men were upset because this showed that they were losing their long-term dominance over the female society.Daisy is in a family where she is unhappy. Not only is she unhappy, she is immobile and has no say in save about anything that goes on. Relationships in the 1920s were just like this scenario. Women were dominated by their husbands and unhappy. They were objects that were to be domesticat ed and be under the command of the man. It was during this succession that woman were starting to take a stand and be in charge. They were done with standing on the sidelines while their husband had reign over their lives. In the beginning of the twenties a change was made. On rattling(a) 18, 1920 the 19th Amendment was ratified giving women the right to vote. This gave women the chance to have a voice in the government. In 1922 Nellie Tayloe Ross, the nations first female governor, was elected in Wyoming. Giving women the right to vote was the first step to helping them place from out of the shadows of a male dominated society.Daisy wanted to drive Gatsbys car and was cheating on Tom. Jordan was a golf champion. It was usual for the men to be dishonest to their spouses, but not for women. A thing like driving cars was a mans thing to do. Also there were trusted sports that women just werent supposed to play. Along with the emergence into society, came a red-hot set of morals. Women were beginning to think and act for themselves. They changed the man made stereotypes that they had been brought up to think, into something brand new. Never had a drink before, but oh how I do enjoy it(Gatsby pg.

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