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Declaration of Principles and State Policies Essay

To shed light on the meaning of the other provisions of the Constitution To guide all departments in the implementation of the Constitution Directed to lay down the primary rules eccentric personizing our judicature systemPrinciplesThe Philippines is not only a republican but in addition a democratic state. each individual is a reservoir of sovereignty. plot of land sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of the judicature, sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all disposal exist and acts. Manifestations of a Democratic and Republican Sate1. The populace of the burden of Rights2. The honoring of the linguistic rule that the Congress cannot pass irreparable laws3. The observance of the principle that the reconcile cannot be sued with kayoed its consent4. The observance of the rule of majority5. The observance of the principle that ours is a government of law and not of men 6. The observance of the principle of separartion of powers of che cks and balances 7. The observance of the law of public officers known as administrative laws 8. The observance of election through popular will or the even off of suffrage 9. Supremacy of civilian authority over the phalanx10. detachment of church building and advanceWhat kind of state of war is renounced by the Philippines?The kind of war that we renounced is an offensive war but not defensive Anchored on the principle of self-preservation and the right of the commonwealth to exist The Philippines adopts the generally accepted principle of internationalistic law International law a body of rules and principles which governs the relations and diplomatic intercourse among nationsWhat is the manifestation that civilian authority is supreme over the military?The making of the President, a civilian as such, as the commander-in-chief of the fortify Forces of the Philippines Armed Forces the cherishor of the people and the State, and the purpose of which is to secure the sovere ignty of the state and the impartiality of the national territory A simple democratic principle think to avoid authoritarianism and dictatorshipWhat is the prime duty of the Government as enunciated in Section 4 of Article II?Established to protect and to serve the welfare of the people The government has an inherent right to existence and self-preservation, and as such, he may call upon the people to defend the State What blessings of democracy do the Filipinos enjoy?1. Maintenance of peace and order2. resistance of life, liberty, and property3. Promotion of general welfareWhat does the principle of separation of Church and State mean?The State is prohibited from interfering purely ecclesiastic affairs on the other hand, the Church is banned from meddling in purely secular matters In conformity with the provision in the mailing of Rights that no law shall be made respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the lighten exercise thereof1. The State shall have no pre scribed religion.2. The State cannot set up a church (whether or not supported with public funds), aid one religion, aid all religion, or prefer one religion overanother.3. Every mortal is assuage to profess belief or disbelief on all religion.4. Every religious minister is free to practice his calling.5. The State cannot punish a person for entertaining or professing religious belief or disbelief.6. Religious sect cannot be registered as a poltical party Art. IX-C, Sec. 5 (2).7. No sectoral representatives from the religious sector Art. VI, Sec. 5 (2).8. Prohibitation against appropriation for sectarian profit Art. VI, Sec. 29 (2).State PoliciesForeign indemnity the basic rules underlying the put up by a state of its affairs with any other State The government should not allow to be dictated by any foreign power in the making of our foreign policy Considerations subject field sovereigntyTerritorial sovereigntyNational interestRight to self-governmentWhat is the policy of th e State pertaining to nuclear weapons?Republic Act 69696 establishes the Philippines as a Nuclear-Free Zone (Art. II, Sec. 8) Nuclear power or nuclear medicine is not covered with the provisionsWhat are the underlying premises of Section 9?The enactment of measure that shall provide adequate social services in the field of housing, education, health, and employment is actually a ministrant optional function of the government which, under the 1987 Constitution, is now considered as a mandatory function The lodge must ensure that the prosperity and independence of the nation will free the people from poverty How can social jurist be carried out in all phases of national development?Social justice great(p) what is due to an individual such as food, clothing,shelter, and even a small-scale dignity the promotion of the welfare of all the people the adoption by the government of measures calculated to ensure economic stability of all fortune elements of society the benignantization of laws and the equalization of social and economic forces so that justice in its rational and objectively secular conception may at least be approximated (Art. II, Sect. 10)Up to what extent does the State value the human dignity?The State values the dignity of every human person and guarantees full respect for human rights (Art. II, Sec. 11)What is the meaning of family and why is the protection of the State begins from the time of conception?The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and corroborate the family as a basic autonomous social institution The policy of the State against abortion by equally protecting the life of the puzzle and the unborn The State also supports the natural and primary duty of the parents in the rearing of the young for civic efficiency and the development of moral characterWhat is the constitutional duty of the State in promoting the well-being of the youth and women?

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