Monday, March 18, 2019

Colonial Canadian Shakespeare Essay examples -- William Shakespeare

1Colonial Canadian Shakespeare West Meets East at StratfordIn his essay The Regional landing field System, Czarnecki picks up on the challengeof creating a commonwealthal theatre in Canada, but alike articulates the central and definingchallenge in developing a incorporate sense of Canadian identity Canada, because of itsimmense span from ocean to ocean, is ineluctably divided into regions discrete from theirprovincial boundaries. The regional boundaries which identify the Maritimes as distinctfrom French Canada and the Prairies as distinct from the West Coast, for example, implynot hardly geographical, but also social, cultural and political differences in the midst of theseregions. Because Canada is a nation born from British imperialism, the colonial sex actship that exists even today between Canada and Britain is undeniable, though thiscolonial relationship is by no means supply across Canada. The different regionalattitudes towards Britain and Canadas colonial history b ecame distinct to me when, as aWestern Canadian, I saw a takings of crossroads in Central Canada at the StratfordFestival in Stratford, Ontario. This end product served to illustrate that Shakespeareserves as a standard by which to measure the colonial relationships between a givenCanadian region and the British pennant therefore Shakespeare also helps to illuminatethe discrepancies between these different regions in relation to Canadas colonial history.The Stratford Festival, whose mandate is to produce, to the highest standardspossible, the best whole kit and caboodle of theatre in the classical and contemporary repertoire, with2special emphasis on the works of William Shakespeare, has become the place in Canadato see payoffs of Shakespeare. As Cza... ...ion to the production of Hamlet was only further proof, however, thatShakespeares iconic position in Canadian culture originates in our shared colonialhistory. Adaptations of Shakespeare are telling of regional differences, which is only thecase because Canada too is rooted in Shakespeares plate country.6Works CitedCzarnecki, Mark. The Regional Theatre System. Contemporary Canadian Theatre radical World Visions. Ed. Anton Wagner. Toronto Simon and Pierre, 1985. 35-48.Fischlin, Daniel and mark Fortier. General Introduction. Adaptations of Shakespeare.Eds. Daniel Fischlin and Mark Fortier. London Routledge, 2000. 1-22.Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. Ed. Susanne Wofford. New York St. Martins Press,1994.Full production details of the Stratford Festivals 2000 production of Hamlet available athttp//

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