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Caryl Phillips The Nature of Blood Essay -- Caryl Phillips Nature Blo

Caryl Phillips The nature of BloodOn its most immediate level, Caryl Phillips The Nature of Blood narrates several stories of the Jewish Diaspora, using the familiar Shakespearean event Othello to provide a counterpoint to the others experiences of displacement. The Nature of Blood thus ab initio seems to fit awkwardly among texts by other West Indian authors who recitation the Caribbean as the setting of their work or incorporate West Indian characters into their work. Through his multi-stranded narrative, however, Phillips creates a geographical setting that mirrors the multi-regional influence of the Caribbean. The triangular plaza of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa shaped by the characters stories parallels the historical and heathen exchange among Europe, North America, and Africa the triangular trade which produced the African diaspora. Unlike batch of African descent in mainland North America, those of Caribbean background have historically had a more fragmented all egiance to space, negotiating surrounded by African and European influences. Likewise, The Nature of Blood illustrates its characters discomfort in claiming one particular pose as home and in maintaining ties to one space as they instigate to another. Each of the characters in The Nature of Blood illustrates the challenges that geography, culture, and depot pose to claiming a singular home. Moshe and Eva, both affected by the Holocaust, convey ambivalence as they seek literal geographical spaces in which to rebuild their lives. Malkas resettlement includes the additional obstacle of cultural and racial differences which mark her past home and prevent her from assimilation in her new space even as she attempts to leave her old one behind. And, Stephan ... ...of such futile negotiation between past and present, The Nature of Blood thus issues an admonishment against the shunning of hybridity. Although issues of geography, culture, and memory continue to burden the Caribbean, its embrace of hybridity places the region on the path to firmness of purpose its identity and mapping its destiny.Works CitedDanticat, Edwidge. The Dew Breaker. new-sprung(prenominal) York Vintage, 2005.Ledent, Bndicte. A Fictional and Cultural Labyrinth Caryl Phillipss The Nature of Blood. ARIEL A critical review of International English Literature 321 (January 2001). 185-195.Levy, Andrea. Small Island. New York Picador, 2004.Marshall, Paule. The Chosen Place, The Timeless People. 1969. New York Vintage, 1992.Phillips, Caryl. The Nature of Blood. New York Vintage, 1998.Selvon, Samuel. The Lonely Londoners. 1956. whiten Plains, NY Longman, 1983.

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