Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Reaction Paper on the 11th Hour

The film docudrama was most believably called the 11th min to give emphasis to what would become of humanity in the near future. The current possible moment we all must work hand-in-hand to make this a favorable possibility for everyone. It is a challenge we would all face today, alone in due time we may reap a bully harvest for our fellow people if we persevere. In the field of business, the role of this documentary is to give those in the corporeal sector as well as those who own small enterprises an in depth look to why corporate social responsibility is important.They are given the opportunity to look sustain at the past, present and strive for a future that can unbosom be altered. As the film progresses, the issues on global warming, extinction of species, disforestation as well as the slowly disappearing ocean habitats is render giving the viewer the chance to think about what he/she ought to do now. These concerns are actually our countrys own, too. Deforestation as a result of illegal logging had played its part in devising issues worse for the past few years floods had devastated lives, no trees to stop it in its tracks.The drought the country is experiencing a sign of global warming. Polluted bodies of body of water had driven out the freshness of the fish as well as other aquatic creatures. Even though it has its share of endangered species, the Philippines however, does not have concerns on the extinction of any at the moment. This is most likely because of many other things the government is busy with. But no matter how we look at it, what is happening to the ecosystem around the world is a extended outcry to the acts of the past recurring now.

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