Saturday, February 16, 2019

High Blood Pressure Essay -- Health, Cardiovascular Disease

Data from World health government activity (2002), estimated that proud blood pressure was the cause of demolition for more than 7 million individuals every year, affecting 972 million of world population which accounts for 26.4% in total, 26.6% of those are men and 26.1% are women. In addition 333 million of those in developed countries and 639 million in developing countries and responsible for 11% of tout ensemble diseases burden in industrial countries, it also estimated to be the case of death for more than 20% in men and almost 24% in women. (WHO, 2003), (Kearney et al, 2005)In the future, high blood pressure is predicted to increase about 60% by 2025 to reach a total of 1.56 billion. This increase expected to add of 9% and 13% in both men and women respectively. (Kearney et al, 2005) Globally, the highest prevalence tread of high blood pressure found in women in occasion socialist economies component while for men was in Latin American and Caribbean region and the lowe st prevalence was in other Asian and islands region for both men and women. (Kearney et al, 2005)High blood pressure considered one of the important risk factor of cardiovascular diseases, which contributes with 62% of cardiovascular diseases globally. It also contributes to 54% of stroke cases and 47% ischemic heart disease. (Lawest et al, 2008) Moreover it is responsible for 50% of heart failure burden in the world. (Lloyd et al, 2002) The INTERHEART study estimated that having a high blood pressure was the reason for 25% of heart attack cases in both important and Eastern Europe while it represents the same reason for 22 % of westerly Europe. Individuals who father an elevated blood pressure are suspect to have heart attack twice more than normotensive. ( Yusuf et al, 2004) or Brit... affect individuals in controlling their high blood pressure and it is also a unsafe risk factor of cardiovascular disease. For that, this study aims to develop a manipulation model w hich helps high blood pressure individuals in Saudi Arabia to falling off and control their high blood pressure in easy way, less(prenominal) costing, fit the Saudi culture, life style, and overcome the weather obstacle. Taking into answer the evidence on exercise in reducing the blood pressure, and walk of life in particular. The question arise, does promote walking among Saudi individuals could be the solvent to overcome the co-morbidity factors and become a step stone in managing the high blood pressure. Not to forget to mention that walking suits any share of the society regardless the age, gender, social and traditions attributes, and does not cost more than at ease athletic shoes.

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