Thursday, February 14, 2019

Essay --

Over the syllabus of this semester I learned a lot somewhat myself as a writer. I was forced to change my thought process, stead towards composition, and evaluate my own work over the semester. English 1010 was my first college writing course and it provided me with more freedom than I previously had in racy school. During my senior year in high school especially I always felt limited and the topics we wrote about were not relevant. I in reality enjoyed being able to incorporate my voice in each act and I believe I developed more of a in the flesh(predicate) style as time progressed. Lastly by complemental this course I accomplished my goal which was to learn the tools needed to produce thoroughly written work and become a better writer.While completing each essay new(prenominal) students and I were given the opportunity to contain in peer review. This helped each student by giving other writers the chance to provide their perspective of how the context of the paper can be improved or if it needs additional details. Whether the comments were negative or validatory it helps because it is unbiased and can ensures that by correctin...

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