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Contrasting Differences in Family Life in USA and Mexico Essay

The family is the staple fiber unit of e truly fact indian lodge or community. It is thitherfore imperative that for the society to exist the family has to be at that place to produce members into the community. The community or national character any picky coun sample is basically determined by the nature of the family value. An individual is molded in the early ages by the family. In the coeval society in that location be increase diversity changes in the family a characteristic of the umpteen changes in culture, political, economical, social, and psychological and stock-still the environment.The content definition of has not been concur upon beca character of the great changes that ar so accommodating. In the previous many geezerhood the family was considered as the mass who atomic number 18 related by blood. This definition base on the menageship ties has been revoked due to the influence of many forms of families which has stripped glum the family its actual definition. For instance there faecal matter husband and wife who do not reach any kinship ties and they go ahead to have children. Another case that has changed such a definition of the family based on kinship ties is the increase number of inter espousal inside the context of run for or ethnicality.This brings show up a mixture of offspring and therefore it is rocky to trace the family bonds based on kinship ties. The issue of who is next to kin is no longer important in the current families. The most jet aspect in the current families is the bonding based on sh bed concord. The many changes of husband and wife have been changed by the introduction of lesbianism and gay. These enterprise to go against the grain of reversion gender type of marriage. The concept of marriage has changed from opposite gender type of marriage to a mixture of gay, lesbianism and opposite gender marriages.These be some of the dynamisms that be facing the contemporary families. This topic s hall give an indebt analysis of the family, the changes in roles and functions of the families and the habitual effects of such changes to the contemporary families. A close reference and faces shall be drawn from the US and Mexico, the countries that band each other geographically. The contrasting differences I n family issues shall be pointed out clearly. Family life in the United StatesThe family family in the United States has underg one and only(a) several(prenominal) transformations due to the effect of globalization. Race and ethnicity are the most significant factors in shaping the variety of set, attitudes and behaviour amongst the families in the United States. There are a number of changes in families in the United States. These changes range from political, social, economic, and psychological to spiritual. The social dislocations have given rise to new ideas and values specially there is increased individualism among the members of the community.In the US there inc reased diversity in the organizational structures. There are many cases of break and separation in the United Stated which has grabbed the family the unity and love that is hypothetic to be enjoyed. Most the single families that are honey oil in the US are as a burden of divorce and remarriage due to greater democratization. (Hines & Morrison, 2005) Cultural diversity in the US is accounting for the many unlike types of families that have emerged in the recent past. The United States constitutes almost all races and ethnic groups in the being.For this reason there are diverse ethnical values as a resulting of this contact. The factor that there are free intermarriages ming direct with these diverse races and ethnic groups has do the US to have diverse cultural values which transcend the native culture. The immigrants who terminate to the United State try to proceed their native nomenclature despite the fact that they are labored to uplift the official language of the Unit ed States, which is English. The immigrants from Spanish speaking countries (Hispanic) when they move to the United States they try to maintain their languages.The culture of the good deal is usually ancestral through language and due to the numerous languages in the United States there exists assorted cultures. This means that there are very many family clusters organise through the sharing of the languages. For instance most of the Hispanic immigrants have organize family clusters in the sides of Florida. The black American speaks a variety of English as they identify themselves as belonging or originating from one family. These disparities have alter the notion of the family because these state are allowed to mix freely with people from different cultures.The concept of the family in the United States is changing even the more during the approaching of the green card where people from different pasts acquire citizenship. Many people from different races and ethnic groups have found their way to the US and as such most of them are allowed to move with their families. The atomic family still corpse an ideal source of the society in the United States. The United States families are characterized by the great social stratification. In the United the families are create according to different classes.Among these classes there are great disparities in equipment casualty of economic value. The choice of families has not taken shift from mutual understanding to materials and resources. This has affected relationships from a sociological point of view. This issue of the class is a dominant phenomenon among the families in the United States as those who are rich wants to maintain the status quo. This is done through the inheritance that is passed within the nuclear families. The nuclear families in the United States are created and broken up and then reconstituted.This has led to the decline of family values which consequently affects the family patterns. This diversity in family pattern has been set as the cause of problems such as violence, crime and drug use in the united state. The parents are usually very busy with their duties (United States, Congress, 1992). The increasing cases of divorce and separation in the United States have a prejudicious effect on maintaining the ideal norms of the nuclear family value. The families that are exposed to values outside the parental domain are likely to deviate from norms.The clement rights in the United States are considered fundamental. There is protection of the universal clement right which is a recipe to the process of democratization. This the reason why the US government invest huge amount of funds in development health and other basic sectors so as to enhance the forward motion of the human rights among the citizens. The Family Life in Mexico Most people have like to live in Mexico for a variety of reasons such as social, political, economic and even good climatic reasons. Living in Mexico requires one to learn the Spanish language so as to increase effective communication.This is because the families are socialized in the Spanish language. The Mexican people are exceedingly warm and friendly as they are organized in littler communities that come from the mutually intelligible families. This means that the culture process is gritty since there tow much contact between the families. The family bonds are tightly held together and for this reason there is cultural uniformity. The society per se is merged under common cultural values through the common language shared. Piped water system is relatively in costly, but not always potable (drinkable).Decades of under-investment, have with an attitude of impertinence towards giveing water bills, has remaining Mexicos mains water system in poor condition. As a result, most people purchase bottled water, often in 20L containers. Bottled water is very expensive. Rents in Mexico can be higher than in equiva lent-sized US towns or cities if the place is everyday or fashionable, particularly places within easy reach of the US border. Mexico has a centralized economy that is, most of the countrys economic operation revolves around.The Mexican pace of life is relatively s get down than in the US Especially when the life in major cities is given consideration. The families in Mexico are closely tied as most of the families have time to fancy to their families. There is a high degree of parental responsibility among the families. This transcends to greater heights of good values that the society enjoys. Mexicos culture has a rich history in a consolidated family religion, people and tradition. The Mexican people are proud of their culture that they keep on release from one generation to another.This is because there is little infusion of the foreign cultures. The family is the basic unit in Mexico and a cornerstone to the maintenance of the culture. The rate of socialization and interac tion among these people is too high. It is a usual phenomenon to meet deuce or more families meeting for a common interest or for a special event. This part of the family function in Mexico, people in Mexico have free time to visit resort centers for the purpose of residue which is not a common phenomenon in the United States, where people are too busy.(Heymann, 2006) The Mexican People are too religious which is a big contrast with the United States where people olfactory perception that they are in control of their own life. A large number of people are Christian and they are usually committed to going to church. When you walk in the Mexican homes it is easy for you to see the religious images. In America people stay a non-religious life thus an effect of religious intermingling that has make it difficult for the people to which religious practice to adopt.Thus they resign from subscribing to any of the religious practice. The social stratification is not prevalent in the Mexica n family as it is in the United States people are seeking for money the Mexican people strive for titles. The professionals in Mexico prefer to be communicate with the titles that they deserve. This is as a result of the traditional emphasis given to the tittles within the family domain. The economic living standards in Mexico are slightly move than in the United State. There are many poor people in Mexico than in the United States.The impact of these high levels of poverty in Mexico has necessitated the immigration of most Mexican families to the United States in search of better jobs and pay of most illegal immigrants from Mexico have gotten their way into the United States through the Mexican borders. These immigrants have settled in cities such as Florida. Working in the United States gives them better pay. This aspect of brain drain is lowering the general development of the families in Mexico as most of the people move going aside behind other family members Basically the cost of living in Mexico is lower than that of the US particularly for agricultural produce.Other sectors such as ictus and communication are also lower in Mexico than I n the United States. Other utilities as electricity are more expensive compared to the United State. Working families in the United States, observing how parents pressd to find a balance between caring for children and earning a decent income. When parents split and one of the parents went from Mexico to the United States and was no longer available to give the necessary care, families suffer. What significantly exacerbates the problem is when the borders are so tight that they prevent families from reuniting.This has been a common phenomenon when the immigrants are not given the opportunity by the America to even visit their families in back home in Mexico. (Poole M. et al, 1993) Globalization of the economy created increased pressure for workers to accept lower labor standards, accept lower wages, longer hours, fewer benefits, and less paid leave. Both Nations likewise feel pressure from economic globalization not to implement family-friendly policies, such as paid leave for illness or when a child is sick, or paid parental leave.And that leaves working families struggling to balance work and their care-giving duties. The globalization process has affected families in twain Mexico and United States economy was transforming the relationship between work and care-giving in similar ways everywhere. Globalization has forcing some(prenominal) countries to at a very high pace as uttermost as labor standards and social policies are concerned hence divergence working parents with less and less time to raise their children. Parents work has shifted markedly around the world and that goes for every region.The child rearing process has been left in the hands of maids who offer supportive care while the parents are away working till late hours of the day. Men in particular have been moving away f rom one place to another in search of better jobs especially in various industries. Globalization has made men and women to work day and night and this has made them move away from their homes to go work in various places. A good example is that of outsourcing where people work in shifts where some work during the day and others at night.Women, likewise, have moved into the paid labor force and away from the home. From the decimal point between 1960 and 2000 the number of women in the labor force went from 26 to 38 percent in America. The percentage of women in the workplace has increased both in the United States and Mexico. This has adversely affected the family care services that were provided by the women while their men were working in various sectors. This is a result of civilization which been brought about by the factors such as education, religion, work, urbanization among others.These factors have changed the various roles that were supposed to be executed by the family s o as to prepare an individual to be a responsible member of the society. (Cecil, 1992) What has happened is that the world has seen women get better job opportunities which has assisted then them raise income to ply for their families. The increased number of single parent families has made it possible for the women to struggle to get money for rearing their families. While this is was going on there is also massive urbanization occurring all across the world.Thats not necessarily a bad thing, as people who move from very poor rural areas to urban areas often get better jobs, and befit less dependent on, for instance, a good rain to feed their families. (Rowntree, Lewis, hurt & Wyckoff, 2006).ReferencesHines D. A. , Morrison K. (2005) Family Violence in the United States Defining, Understanding, and Combating. Sage Publisher. Heymann J. (2006) Forgotten Families Ending the suppuration Crisis Confronting Children and Working Parents in the Global Economy. Oxford University Press Poole M. et al (1993) Family changing Families, Changing Times. Allen & Unwin publisher. Robinson, Cecil. (1992). No short journeys The interplay of cultures in the history and Literature of the borderlands. Tucson University of Arizona Press. Rowntree L. , Lewis M. , damage M. and Wyckoff W. (2006). Diversity amid Globalization World Regions, Environment, Development. United States, Congress. House Americas (1992) Families Conditions, Trends, Hopes, and Fears Family policy. United States, Congress, House publisher.

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