Thursday, February 14, 2019

Autobiography Essay -- Personal Narrative

I am divorced and the father of 3 children. I grew up in a farm community in matrimony Carolina, and when I was 15, my family light upond to Lexington, South Carolina. I attended City advanced School, taking classes that concentrated on Electrical and Electronic Engineering and math. I alike played football from the third grade until I gradational senior high school. During my Junior and Senior long time of high school, I also worked part time for an industrial galvanizing ships company. I versed a great deal about life in those historic period. Most teen be onrs my age were attending parties or on the job(p) at the local grocery store. I, however, was working 30 or so hours a week installing electrical motors, 3 phase lighting, and 480 volt transformers. Once I graduated from high school, my parents wanted me to go to college. I decided that instead of having them pay for it, I would take care of the financial costs my own way by joining the United States Army an d utilizing the Montgomery G.I. Bill for college. I took the arm Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) and scored in the conduce 5% for my class year. What this meant for me was that the recruiters were beating down my door. The U.S. Army made the best put up by laying a book down in bird-scarer of me and telling me I could pick any job I wanted. I chose wireless communications, because I k youthful that in 1994, wireless ph unitys, which in those days were the understructure phones, were going to be around for a long time, and it was a new technology that had a lot of growing to do. I left for prefatorial Combat Training (BCT) on November 29th, 1994. I spent the next 10 months in BCT and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). I learned everything thither is to know about wireless communications. I graduated AIT at the top of my class an... ... was stabbed recently by a homeless man that I tried to help, and instead of getting a thank you, I got a shank between the 10th and 11th ribs.I am one of those people that has a 5, 10, and 25 year plan. Within 5 years I plan to finish my Masters Degree and move into a director position within Verizon Wireless. Within 10 years I plan to continue my career and help others under me nettle their goals so that they, too, can be what they want themselves to be. Within 25 years I plan to partially retire, start my own small company and contract my services out to the wireless companies in the United States. At this point I would begin to travel more and see the world.I have led an exciting and full life in my thirty-or-so years. I have a lot to show for what I have learned and what I have done. Finishing my degree can only transmit to what I have already accomplished

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